Enhance your imagination?

The last night I was half asleep and I thought to a sky, my imagination showed to me a beautiful blue sky with some clouds, that was like I was there, I saw it with my brain but it was like I saw it with my eyes . When I try to use Loci Method or I represent object with my imagination, I see it, but not in this way, when I was half asleep the image of sky was very clear and beautiful, like a real one. How can I reproduce this situation in a moment of the daily life? When I am half asleep my imagination is enhanced, but when I am wake is like I can’t use my full potential. How can i resolve it?

p.s. (sorry if there is some english error, but it is not my main language)


I have an experience of imagery training and can say that it is possible to make your images more clear in three mounths,
There is a post about it.


Practice, focus

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The only way to enhance imagination I feel is to do tons of practice.

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Can you please link the post?

I have also wonder over this

This is a great question and I would like to follow this thread.

Here are some ideas of my own:

  • Practice when you are falling asleep.
  • Practice awake, but remove all sensory distractions possible. Especially electronic. Drawing by hand will help you improve your visual skills, but even better is to practice in a comfortable position with nothing to look at.

Hi, thanks for answering my thread! Some of you said to me to do a lots of practice. That’s ok, i think… but the main question is: How can i practice my visualization skill? Can you write or link some post that give you some exercise from level 0 - basic level (very very low level), to more higher exercise…

(Sorry if i did some english error, but this isn’t my main language, i’m trying to learn it (saying this on a memory forum sounds a bit weird,))