End-Of-The-Month Challenge #1: 1-Day International Names Online Challenge

Since Challenges makes life more fun, why not bring it more frequently to the Memory Community!

So, for some time, it is going to be held a Monthly Challenge at the last Sunday of each month, moving forward. 26th Jan, 23 Feb, 29 Mar, and so on…
Each month will have something special as a treat :slight_smile:

Last weekend was a success with the 1-Day Challenge that was held. So, I wanted to bring it back with a similar setup.
Right now I am thinking about ~8 participants,
last week it was 7 signups, 6 were able to attend.

It will look something like this:

ROUND 1! (8 Players
A vs B / Player 1 Vs Player 5
C VS D / Player 2 Vs Player 6
E VS F / Player 3 Vs Player 7
G VS H / Player 4 Vs Player 8

(Randomly selected)

ROUND 2! (8 Players --> 6 Players
0-1 VS 0-1 / ( L VS L
0-1 VS 0-1 / ( L VS L

1-0 VS 1-0 / (W VS W
1-0 VS 1-0 / (W VS W

(0-2 VS 0-2 / LL VS LL, Play for 8th,7th place

ROUND 3! (6 players --> 4Players

1-1VS1-1 / (LW VS LW Winner goes to 4th round.
1-1VS1-1 / (WL VS WL Winner goes to 4th round.

(1-2 VS 1-2 / ( LWL VS WLL, Play for 6th, 5th place

(2-0 and 2-0 / WW and WW Moves directly to round 4.

ROUND 4! (4 Players

2-1 VS 2-0 / (LWW VS WW
2-1 VS 2-0 / (WLW VS WW

(2-2 VS 2-2 / (LWWL VS WLWL Battle for 4th, 3rd place Best of 5

3-0 VS 3-0 / (WWW VS WWW) FINAL, BEST OF 9


Best of 3!

3-1 VS 3-1 / (WLWW VS LWWW
2-1 VS 2-1 / (WWL VS WWL

2-2 VS 3-2 / (WWLL VS [WLWWL / LWWWL], Battle for 4th, 3rd place: Best of 5

4-1 VS 3-1 FINAL!!! BEST OF 5

Signups so far:
Leonid - leonid_rakhmanov
Sven Wetzel

Potentially coming:
Johannes Mallow
Simon Orton

Last Week Players:
Katie Kermode
Sanchit Sharma
Johannes Mallow
BurningDesire (me)

There is adjustment to the setup, if it is a non 2^x number of players.

This will ensure more matches to the players, being able to face more opponents.

Down below is an image of how it may look like. Round 4! may differ.


-Got any questions? Feel free to reachout!


This is how you feel like when playing this :

The match setup will look something like this:

This setup is only if the 2 top players get perfect win streak.
Otherwise it will go like this:

Best of 3!
3-1 VS 3-1
2-1 VS 2-1

2-2 VS 3-2 Battle for 4th, 3rd place Best of 5

4-1 VS 3-1 FINAL!!! BEST OF 5


Will it always be international names or will you bring in some variety with other disciplines? :slight_smile:

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No, I am glad that you asked. Have added that now.
I was thinking this Month it is Names. Next month it will be another Dicipline. :slight_smile:

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@Simon what do you say about making it available for those with free accounts to participate; playing more than 3 matches on this day?
-We could make it up by making it available to “give away” matches for occasions like this. For those participating with Upgraded accounts can invite how many times as they want during this day, in the Context of " Online Event!" -Like The League was able to do, later seasons.
Which is Only able to be given by players who are participating in this Online Event.

-If these live events are held every month; on average I would say, based upon this structure alone, it would be from 2-5 matches. Each matches ranging from 2-3 games
that alone will give 4-15 games. Over the course of a year that would be 48-180 Games.
Over the course of a year it wouldn’t give much extra: ~0,13-0,49 games per day.
3 Free games per year win tho! 366-1098.

So, there is not much to lose, and possible, lots to gain!

league is free or players have to pay certain amount for this ?

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Memory League is free, so is it’s different events.

It is just at higher levels (7+) you are limited with 3 free games per day.
Some competitions requires more games to be played in a day.

I want to participate, please

@BurningDesire can I?

@Leonid you are in! =)

Yes, I’ll try to join in the next one.

Thank you!
In memory league my username is @leonid_rakhmanov

What do you say about the Idea of having a tab at the front page at Memory league called something like “Online Challenges”? Where you can see all on going Challenges, Sign-ups, Sign-up dates and rules next to the Challenge so you see how it is going to be run. Like how it is done with Compete section, with the small preference button.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sign me in as well please

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Hello @BurningDesire , will the competion/challenge be tomorrow? And what time will it be?

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Hey Leonid!
I don’t really know your time zone. But, 1PM GMT, so you could work your way from there.

Hey @BurningDesire! I’d like to sign up! What time PST or GMT will it start tomorrow? :slight_smile: Edit: nevermind, saw that it starts at 1 PM GMT, which is I believe 5 am PST for me? heh will have to wake up extra early.

urm :laughing: I shall change my username to that now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Thank you!

Okay, everyone who wants to participate today, End of The Month #1 International Names, could you write in the chat here? :fire: