Encyclopedia of visualisation techniques

I would like people to post techniques that they use to help make their visualizations clearer.


I’m a good fan of image streaming

  • Visualising multiple views at the same time

  • Incorporating other sensations such as sound, touch, smell,taste.

  • Visualising in first person

  • Up-scaling the detail/sensations in the visualisation.

  • Improving the quality of the motions within the visualisation

  • Including unique events rather than consistent locations, like being on a hill with a bear or walking on a rope over a gorge (giving the sensation of there being height).

  • Including other people in the visualisations

  • Giving a sense of weight to objects, perception to light , etc.


Tobacco smoking . I shall say no more than that as not to offend the Anti-Smokers.

close your eyes and enumerate in order starting with what’s right in front of you all the objects that is in the room

Think of a store that you know well and enumerate all the objects that are there

Now imagine all the people that you have seen there and all the people with whom you’ve been there and then say out loud all the details about them that come to mind. Also, if this exercise brings up odours or sounds, or anything not usually visual, create an image out of them.

Imagine someone Close to You, Close Your Eyes, and try to enumerate all the details of his attire.

I try to remind myself that good observation leads to good visualization, so I try to make sure I practice both.

Think of the street where you live and think of all the houses you can remember and the stores as far as you can walk without confusion…

Sorry if I repeated any of Nagime’s great suggestions


:joy: imagine you are in your favourite restaurant and the waitress comes and smashes your cigarette pack with a sledgehammer, close your eyes and concentrate on all the details that you can. Now take all your broken cigarettes and make a trail out of it as you walk through every part of the restaurant and concentrate on every little detail. Hear the crunching of the tobacco under your feet, feel it’s cold dryness under your bare feet…

I’m a really nice guy with not an ounce of mAlice in me, but for these to work… :confounded: désolé

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I’m going to try this. Sounds like a good idea.