Has anyone ever used the Gary Lanier system and become fairly quick with it? Even with my new understanding of the method, I’m having trouble memorizing ONE Bible verse. :confused:
I… I’m having a hard time with life in general right now, and that may be the reason for my being discouraged, but does this work or doesn’t it? I’m having trouble with the alpha characters and making them stick, and I’m kinda confused about how to incorporate F.A.C.E.

If anyone has used this to a decent extent, feel free to let me know.

I’m not sure if it’s widely used – that was the first time I’ve tried it. :slight_smile:

Memorizing verbatim text is difficult. It seems to me that memory techniques might be more useful for keeping verses in order and/or recalling them by verse number than by creating an image for every word, but it probably depends on the person.

You also might want to check out the links on this page:

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I read over it and feel as if it has a few problems.

  1. does not seem to adequately address how to have a sequential aspect to the street, sidewalk, home part. How do we not get homes mixed up and how do we go from one to the other? I have no way of keeping each (land unit) in order
  2. I do not feel as if the explanation provided is an adequate representation of what Gary probably done. Not due to either Gary for the translators fault but I feel until Gary finishes the explanation on his website we might be left in the dark(i saw he has some videos on youtube, I have not viewed them yet)

I do like the FACEs technique and the clock face 4 spot loci but Honestly after reading through it several times I could not get the gist of what he was saying.

For all practical purposes of life memorizing text verbatim is not highly useful. I would love to be able to do it but for most useful careers and hobbies I would first learn the other usual techniques first.

I think the verdict is still out on the GL system

PS- I read the description from the pastbin post in 2015, not Garys actual. I just do not feel like this system is universally useful for most people. The post above by Josh, linking to Bateman has a lot of good techniques for memorizing stuff and one for verbatim. I hate to say it though ,the human mind is not good at memorizing things verbatim and It is much easier and more useful to understand the meaning behind each grouping of words then it is to memorize a bunch of specific ones.

Memorizing something word for word poses the paradox making it very difficult to translate everything into images. It seems as if it is the only system that requires us to code filler words such as: is, and, but, or, etc, when we could so much easier just memorize the meaning behind each sentence, which allows us to put words into function, even if we cannot recite them verbatim. Its just a waste of encode filler words and defeats the purpose of memory techniques