Encoding words into images

I have been training with words on memory league for some time now. My score is ten words in 50 seconds, spending 5 seconds on each word. I don’t use loci, but I use a pegging system. Can anyone help me on how to improve my score. My obstacle is the length of time it takes to convert words to images and then link them with my numbers


Use a memory palace instead.


If you haven’t seen them yet, there are some threads here that might provide some useful tips:

I did try that, but my score dropped and half of the words I forgot. With the pegging system, it is slow, but the recall is perfect.

It personally took me months of practice before my memory Palace use was fast, efficient and natural. It is well worth the time and practice, not to mention the fun. I’ve done just as much pegging, and stories, plain associations, but, today, no other technique reaches the results I get from using memory palaces, for the larger amounts of info.


You can know how to do something slowly and also know how to do something quickly, so my advice is to relearn your pegs in a way that you can quickly generate them. This doesn’t mean changing any pegs it just means instead of focusing on being able to recall pegs because you can do that already, try recalling them in a given time frame -e.g 1 second max. Those you struggle more with, you can review more then. Eventually you might be able to do it within 0.1 seconds in which case you are not going to take 5 seconds on each word.


If you make new memory palace then you have to practice the memory palace and decide which place is suitable for you and it is little time consuming process.
But if you think you have no time then I have a suggestion for you.
Instead of making new unknown memory palace first you make your own house for memory palace because it is very fast to learn your house as memory palace.
And when you memorize the words, numbers and store in your house memory palace.
You can recall fast.

Note : NOT use your house memory palace more than 3 times in a day.

Thanks for that insight.

What’s the biggest subject you’ve memorized using the memory palace?