Embarrassed by how slow I am


I like to use memory palaces for long term storage. So far, I have ignored any kind of memory competition training.

I think I may actually be quite slow when reviewing my “long term” palaces.

Would there be utility in trying “competition style” memory palace training to see if I could speed up reviews? If so - is there a benchmarking website - or some kind of general test I could take - to find out if I truly am a slowpoke?

Should I improve with a specific drill? My idea was to use a stopwatch to see how long it takes me to review a palace (either when on a walk - or while doing some activity.) Cleaning makes my review take twice as long as opposed to just going for a walk!

Thank you kindly for any help!



Many times I have used a stopwatch to compete against myself.


I can memorize 80 digits on Memory League in around 30 seconds. I’m nowhere near that speed when it comes to memorizing for long term.

The same goes for the reviews. When I review something fast, I don’t expect it to be as strong and last as long as when I take my time with the review. For me, when I plan my reviews I always schedule 50% of the time that it took me to learn the information in the first place. So when I memorized for 1 hour, I schedule 30 minutes for the reviews of that information. Usually I’m a bit faster, but I don’t like to rush it, since I want to keep it forever.

It certainly can’t hurt to train and become faster, but it’s not the same kind of memorizing in competitions like on Memory League as it is for long term knowledge. So I wouldn’t give the outcome of your try with “competition style” memorizing too much weight in this. I think it’s normal to be slower when you want to memorize for long term. If you try to memorize (or review) much faster and then realize you’ve forgotten a lot of the information, you’ll probably end up spending more time re-learning it anyway. I always went with the speed that I was comfortable with. Going out of my comfort zone is something to try on Memory League :slight_smile:


Thank so much @SilvioB and @Liam!

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