Eidetic memory part 2

I finally finished the video, sorry that it took a while. The video is more than 20 minutes but it had to be if I wanted to give you guys a decent picture of my abilities. I forgot to include things like how I memorize long strings of numbers quickly and other types of arithmetic problems like powers, division and roots etc but this could be something for in a future video if you guys want to see that. I also added a link to the text of the video so you guys can read what I said if you can’t understand it, my english isn’t great. The text was too large to put in the description so I had to do it this way. Enjoy!


video text:


I can’t access the video, it says it is unavailable?

Sorry, I took it down. I’ll upload a better video in the future. Some interesting things are coming up and if they work out I want to mention them in the video too. I will also show more different kinds of calculations like square roots, powers and division and I also plan on going more in-depth of my savant skill concerning movie dates and dates in general.

It could take a while though. A lot of holidays and birthdays coming up these months and I work too.

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With the greatest respect, I think you should present your video immediately.

Firstly, it sounds as if it has a ton of interesting goodies the way it is.

Secondly, if you keep putting things off - you’ll never start anything. I know I always do. (Maybe that should be “I know I always don’t”.)

Fifthly, most of the guys on this forum (apart from less than 2.013 snitty, pompous asses) are friendly, generous, helpful, and non-insulting with their comments.

These guys will help you to straighten out any kinks in your current video, so you would avoid similar problems with your next video.

BTW: I notice from your Google Docs attachment, that you write very short simple sentences using short simple words. That style is encouraged in industry to avoid expensive end-user mistakes and possible legal nightmares.

Safety-critical reports need to pass tests such as “Flesch–Kincaid readability tests”. I’m sure your sentences would pass these tests with a huge margin of safety.

So, the obvious question is: Why do you write like that? Are you an engineer? You can trust me - I’m a doctor.


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I am thinking about removing a part of the video and re-do it and just adding more stuff instead of remaking a whole new video. It was a lot of effort making this video already. This way I can put it back up quicker.

The reason I use simple sentences is because I don’t speak english as well as I write it. Simple sentences is easier for me to say and pronounce and for others to understand. I am not an engineer haha :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could do several smaller, atomic videos. That would simplify the maintenance/upgrade cycle.

In that case, you might have a short, introductory video that contains the links to the atoms.