Effects of temperature on memory?

Do you think room temperature has an effect on memory? Is it better to study and train in colder or warmer temperatures?

I didn’t look closely yet but found some links. They aren’t really the same conditions that people are in while studying.


Volunteers’ body core temperatures were raised to 38.80-39.05 degrees C within a few minutes by immersion in water at 41 degrees C. Tests were then made with the subjects insulated and cooling slowly. Control immersions were made in water at 37 degrees C when core temperatures remained at 36.60-37.40 degrees C. Neither memory registration nor recall of memories registered an hour earlier, nor immediate ability to recall digit spans forward or backward was affected by the increase in core temperature. The increase in temperature did not have any significant effect on accuracy of performance of verbal logic problems or of two-digit subtractions. However, the increase in core temperature was associated with a significant increase in the speed of performance of the tests, by 11 and 10%, respectively. The warm immersions also induced a significant decrease in alertness and an increase in irritability as assessed subjectively by the volunteers; control immersions had no such effects.


Volunteers’ body core temperatures were lowered by immersion in water at 15 degrees C. Aspects of cognitive function were subsequently tested after rewarming had been started in water at 41 degrees C when their skin was warm and they felt comfortable but their body core temperature remained low. Memory registration was found to be impaired progressively when core temperature fell from about 36.7 degrees C; at core temperatures of 34-35 degrees C the impairment caused loss of approximately 70% of data that could normally be retained. However, recall of previously learned data was not impaired at these core temperatures. On a two-digit calculation test, speed of performance was impaired by about 50% at a core temperature of 34-35 degrees C, but provided enough time was available, accuracy of performance was not reduced.

The link below says “People’s working memory functions better if they are working in an ambient temperature where they feel most comfortable” but I didn’t see a link to the study.

Edit: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00426-014-0558-4
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Wow what an intersting article.

Even our mood and cognitive capacity change,fluctuate based on the temperature we are in. In hot temperature,we are more irritated,moody than in cold temperature. This issue is discussed in the book>> Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do

Many Buddhist Meditators get to Himalaya Mountain as it is recommended to Meditate in cold environment! You get better result doing meditation in cold temperature…