Effective study methods

I am searching for a study method that allows me to…

  1. Study in effective bursts (20-30 min spans with a 15 min or so break but still allowing me to retain information)
  2. Helps me avoid burnout
  3. Dosent take all day
  4. Uses both devices and books but can be adjusted for just one
    Hopefully you all will have some helpful advice

There is a method called Focus Burst which will allow you to do points 1 to 3,

I have adjusted that method to fulfill point 4

That method is

Focus for 5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes fir 2 cycle using Textbook and then in the 3rd cycle focus for 5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes using devices(For reading an article on the topic which you are studing, watching video lectures etc
) And you can adjust what you do in each cycle and for how much time you Focus-work or rest in this method

And,I have not tried this method but I think that it will work and credit to David Farrow for this method,



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Use Mind Maps! it’s fun and attention grabbing!

I’m doing it for my MBA.

this seems valid thank you!

ill have a look thanks

My favorite brain tool is Scott Young’s “holistic learning”.
I also use mnemonics for arbitary information.

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