Easy 1-Card system to start with

Here I will share you a 1-card system that I used to use.

  • The biggest benefit with this one is how easy, and fast it is to get going.

The card system goes like this. Since there is 52 cards, and 12 of them are Jacks, Queens and Kings, the rest are 1-10 in different symbols. For 1-10, we will use the SAME Visual Images as for your 2 digit system. Only 40 will be needed, 1-40.
For me, creating longer Memorisation System wasn’t really my thing back then, so ended up with using my 2 digits system, and adding 12 unique Visuall Images for Cards dicipline. Was over 2,5 half years ago that I used it, so a few Visuall Images do I not recall. Back to the 1 card system:

So, every new symbol equals +10, of what it says on the card. Lets show an example.
1 of Hearts = 00+01 = 01
3 of Diamonds = 10+03 = 13
7 of Clubs = 20 + 07 = 27
9 of Spades = 30 + 09 = 39

So, for the remaining 12, Jacks, Queens and Kings, it will look different. We will use different themes for them.
Let’s say we are in a bed room, we can choose 3 different things.
Jacks - Things related with study: Pen, Eraser, Paper…
Queens - Related with studying desk: Chair, Computer, Keyboard…
Kings - Related with bed: Bed, Pillow, Mattress,Quilt.

This is what I used and…

  • How good is this system? I have reached close to a minute with this system, 55-70s so it has promise behind it. (271s is the result I officially got in Live Competition. 172409979-origpic-247a88

I also used 1 digit system now in cards and it is better.

I also works on big card systems.
But now , I used this system.

And for jacks I used = slave people
And for queens = Cartoon girls
And for kings = Cartoon boys.

And rest is like you told and My best pb in ml = 43 in 60 sec.
And today’s record = 42 in 52 sec.

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@Rajadodve786 Great! Then you see that it is working =)

Yeah , it is working.

But like shijir , Alex , Andrea muzii
I think I never reach under 15 or 20 by this system

Ohh I see!

Wanna hear about the “Two Card system” that I use?
-Might be helpful for you, around 168-184~ Visual Images in total is needed.
Getting all of the visuall images takes alittle time.

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I don’t know about it.

I think 2 card system requires 2704 images.

And updated 2 card system ‘shadow system’ or 2 card block system requires 1352 images.

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Okay I see

Well I think that by some methods the number of images required can be reduced and if I am not wrong the number of images required can be reduced to half by using a block system in a memory technique and this mjst also improve recall and what I have said can be verified by the members of the foum themselves.

or itself

And @Rajadodve786 since you had used a block system in your memory technique can you whether what I have said is true or not.

And there are other methods also for reducing tje number of images you need for your memory system for example by having two sets of 100 images One tiny and another Large you can have a 10000 number system by having 100 large images for the first three digits of your number system and the same hundred tiny images for the next 5-6 digits of your number system but make sure to make both the large and small images interact if you need to memorise a 4-6 digit number(Perhaps to clear the order of images).

And I believe that if this system exponentially decreases the number of images you need for memorising numbers then this system should also work with cards as it is or if it is modified a little,


@Finwing there are many other systems on this fourm for reducing the number of images you need in order to create your system and by combining them it might be possible to use even lesser images and one of tjose systems is written about in my next post.

Note - I had not made the system that I had posted in my next post it was made by someone else in this forum,


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And may be those systems may work for the Memory Palace system also with some modifications and if they do then it will be great.

What do u think If I use:

1 - 10 Hearts - 01 to 10 / J, Q, K Heart - 11 to 13
1 - 10 Diamonds - 21 - to 30 / J, Q, K Diamonds - 31 to 33
1 - 10 Clubs - 41 - 50 / J, Q, K Clubs - 51 - 53
1 - 10 Spades - 61 - 70 / J, Q, K Spades - 71 - 73


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That might actually be a great idea to try out!
That never crossed my mind. Would love to hear how it went :slight_smile: