Earning money and teaching memory techniques

I’ve been working with memory techniques for a long time and I am thinking about teaching those and promoting the tradition of memory can I use it for making money by teaching it to students and interested people but I don’t know how and where to begin

Also I’m thinking about street performances and similar demonstrations


For performance ideas, check out this post for some links: Memory Demonstration Tricks - #2 by Josh

My recommendation is to establish credibility if you haven’t already as a memory expert. This could be accomplished in multiple ways: winning a national or international memory competition, accomplish some great memory feat such as memorizing an epic poem such as Paradise Lost, 50,000 digits of Pi or something of that nature.

Create social media outlets where you teach about memory such as a YouTube channel, a podcast, TikTok or Instagram page and build your audience. After you have established credibility, create memory courses, create a Patreon account with a community that includes exclusive content for paid subscribers. You can offer 1on1 memory coaching, speak at corporate events and demonstrate your memorization ability and teach the techniques. After you have done some of the things above you can write a book, try to be featured on TV programs like Superhuman or shows that displays talent.

Well, this is from my observation of others. From my observation, they tend to first establish credibility through a title of grandmaster, champion or do some memory feat and then they create free content. After that, they create courses which generates passive income and offer coaching and market themselves towards a particular audience, whether the general public, business owners, memory athletes, etc.

I would say the first thing to think is how could I contribute best to society and I think if your focus is on the quality of content and level of performance, generally money will come so you can do it full-time. Also, actively seek out opportunities, and don’t wait for others to contact you first.


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