What do you think about learning a foreign language with duolingo? Let’s say that I want to learn Spanish at A2/B1 level from zero. I’d like to accomplish it in 4 months and spend 30-60 minutes a day. Is it real aim with duolingo?

I am learning a language with Duolingo. It depends on how you learn a language because some people might not like the learning style of Duolingo. I am not sure what A2/B1 means, but would recommend talking with people who speak Spanish, listening to Spanish songs, and Spanish tv shows in addition to Duolingo.

I found also “Memrise” and it is really amazing. Did you see it? I’m just considering whether to buy premium or not. Do you think it may be really helpful in achieving basics in language? Some basic level?

I have seen memrise as well. I think Duolingo would be good to get the basics plus some more. I took 5 years of spanish but it has been awhile since I used any of it. Are you just trying to get through some basic conversation or want more?

I use memrise for now, because everything and is clear there. I can see how many words I learnt. I want to be able to read and listen in Spanish after these 4 months and then start to practice speaking (but speaking is not my aim for now). What I want mainly is to be able to watch Spanish TV series with Spanish subtitles (or even without) and maybe read something. So generally to learn about 1000-2000 words and maybe grammar. What’d you think about it?