DUAL N-back


I have a small question about dual n back not sure its the right section but here goes nothing. Im currently at level 2-3. I keep regresing to level 1 once and about 2 times at level 2 from 3.A normal person at what level does he work on dual n back.How far from someone normal am i.
Thank you

Dueling n back has quite a few options. Do you do both sounds and locations? (There is shapes that can be added.)
I do both sounds and locations and at 5 back my score hovers around 70%. At 6 back, 50%. I’ve been doing it for years now and the level you mention seems like my starting level. I have seen a few talented students reach the level I am at quite quickly. It happened quite slowly for me.

Hi SimonLuisi, I realize this is an old thread but was curious if you use any mnemonics for Dual N-back or you only practice with your regular working memory. Thanks.

I definitely do a bit of chunking and mental repetition without using any images.

What are your results from dual n back training?

hello Simon
So it took you years to get to level 6? Yes i do both sound and visual at the same time

What is chunking?

Apparently using techniques limits your gains from the training, as you aren’t really using your full working memory capacity, how has it gone for you?

I`m more focused I have more power over my toughts

Btw don’t chunk, it reduces benefits.

But what is chunking?

Chunking: remember the last few stuff by cramming, repeat it in mind without mnemonics.

Wait what?

If you see a number like 87638592, instead of memorising it all in one go, you can make it easier by doing this, you can break it up into small chunks as such; 8763-8592, or even smaller chunks 87-63-85-92. In dual n back, you can do the same with letters you hear, this actually cheats your working memory, and doesn’t actually improve its capacity.

Wait how do you do that how do you break it up can you give me an example with letter how is that happening? Thanks