Driving through a memory palace?

I’m puzzling over where to put my History Journey. I am very new to memory palaces. Is it possible to put a memory journey on a route you only know by driving along it? Or is driving too fast to really experience any of the loci?


If you can remember the locations, then it should work.


One thing you have to remember is that you are only going to have one viewing point when driving. You won’t be able to look around the location and get an angle you like. Also the best way to see if you can create a memory palace by driving is to create a palace then try to memorize something in it like words r numbers. This will tell you if the palace is going to work or not.


Any place can be turned into a memory palace as long as you can imagine it and find key points to turn into loci.

Just remember to not do recall when you are driving :slight_smile:
Pay attention to the road and to safety


I tried this with my dream , and it works fine.
I created only 1 memory palace by this approach.

Two weeks ago, I seeing 1 place in my mind and I moving over the place but when I wake up I remember only little things.

But next day I again saw that place again in my dream (I was doing different things but the place remains the same I don’t know why because I never saw that place in my life)

And 3rd day was my last day when I saw that place in my mind again. Three days in a row.

When I wake up I suddenly pick up my pencil and draw that place and mark numbers on them.
And when I used it first time, it works great.

So do you think, something like this, works well for other people too?

But I only experienced that thing only one time.


The information in a memory palace is stored in the locations/chambers, how you get there is secondary. Walking, driving, flying or teleportation all should work so long as they reliably convey you to the next room.


I must say I am not sure, but I can imagine if it does.

From what I read about lucid dreaming (never been able to really do it myself) a core part to it is detailed recollection of a dream. Hence I would not be suprised to see it being used for the creation of memory palaces too.

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I like the teleportation example. :crazy_face: :tada:


Well, I think I have to expand my current memory palace (My house)
For memorizing longer stuff.

Like when I go to place information on tv in my room then I will teleport to cartoon
world (reason to chose cartoons not movie place)
Maybe 10 cartoons is enough. (In the beginning)

And second collection of memory place is in my video game. So here I will teleport to gaming world like gta, fallout, assassination creed, ninja and so on…

Third collection of memory place is different cities location (teleport with my bike and my village memory palace connect with my bicycle.)

Fourth collection is different temples , I will teleport by house temple (little worship house that is in my room)

Fifth collection is different cloth,shoes, make-up shops - you know by how (my almirah)

Sixth collection is my different schools - I connected this with my study books (I changed many schools and didn’t study in single school much longer)

Well, I didn’t mark number yet which is the first and which is the second.
I will draw a map of my house and will connect all memory palace with it.
Previous time I thought I have to draw a city map contacting my different memory palaces.
But maybe this way is better to join all the Memory palace with my house that I already know perfectly.

There are lots of things I wanna add but I think post will become much larger.
If you think it’s a stupid idea, just forgot what you read and don’t take it seriously.
It’s my hobby to try many stupid ideas on my own and then think is it working well or not.
I haven’t tried this yet.

Because I mainly use only 2 kinds of memory palace , cartoons and gaming memory palace (So I didn’t think before that I have to categorize all memory palace)

And @Mayarra , are you tried building like Memory palace?
Like first floor is your first game place when you place all things on loci , you moved to second floor where you have different memory palace and third floor is different.
If you tried is it good?

Or you made city like memory palace - You drew a whole memory palace city in your mind?


I have around 20loci, each about 30-40 locus, so around 600-800 locations. They’re mainly from my home town. The way I organised them is by functional based, library, shopping mall, canteen, high school etc. Like Google maps, I am the little man, drop into the location and discover stories. :hugs:


Speaking of which, Google Maps has a VR mode. It works with those 20 dollar goggles that you can put your phone in. Turns the thing into a 3d picture and moves with you as you move your head.

It’s a nice way of reviewing these driving routes without getting into trouble on the actual streets.


What $20 goggles? Do you have a name or a link?