Doubt about memorizing numbers

Hey i am stuck in a dilemma of how to continue memorizing numbers.
I use 100 peg (formed by major system )words to memorize and don’t intended to participate in any competition and find it more than sufficient for academics and day to day needs.
I intended to improve my speed and accuracy for showoff purposes only and don’t know in which direction to continue :-
1:- Either Link two two digits number together and stick them in a loci or
2:- Stick one number ’ s image in a loci
Pros of 1st method for me is better speed and its con is uncertainty that i will be able to make memorable enough images
Pros of 2nd method is less mental strain to memorize and more retention but its cons is less speed for me.

How should i continue learning numbers?

Don’t worry, as your skill develops, cons of both will dissapear… So follow your heart!

Are you memorizing these numbers just as pegs are are you using them in calculations?

Practice making memorable images and associations. It’s an essential skill in mnemonics and worth drilling down on.

What is your most memorable mode? Touch, taste, smell, vision, sound, ideas? Ideas are the most sticky for me. I remember best when I associate two things and hear myself say, “Oh, that’s a weird connection!”

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