Doping in memory sports?

Is there any antidpoing when it comes to memory sports? like taking adderall or other PEDs?

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What do you mean by antidoping? Do they test you at competitions? No. Are there performance enhancing substances? Of course.

There is no magic pill though. Just like somebody sitting on the couch watching tv is not going to gain much muscle from steroids… not much of a point discussing this unless you are very high performing already.

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Does competitions explicitly forbid it? Is it a common practice in the top rankings?

Well, obviously it’s not encouraged but also not explicitly forbidden because there is no testing, so how would you check.

There is also no list, so where do you want to draw the line? Coffee? Alcohol? Cough syrup?


What are performance enhancing drugs for memory?

ive heard of nootropics but… have any been proven to actually work?

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How? Scientific study? Anecdotal evidence from members on the forum here? Proven to work for everyone or just a certain percentage? What do you mean by “proven”…

Define “work”… insulin works for diabetics, bodybuilders found an interesting way to make use of it lately, no other sport is really using it. Does that mean it works?

Are you looking for some wonder pill that’ll make you smart without putting any effort into it? No, those don’t exist. You can feed the fat kid all the steroids and HGH you want, he’s not gonna come in first running 100m in gym class.

This was my point. There are no performance enhancing drugs for mental sports. Its all pseudoscience

Just because there’s no magic pill? How do you suppose anabolic steroids work for bodybuilders? They take them and then order McDonalds for the next week, watch Netflix, and wait for their muscles to grow? Of course you still gotta put in the work, but ceteris paribus you’ll perform better with than without.