Dominic System - next 50

51 Edgar Allen Poe, crow on shoulder
52 Erikah Badu, towel around head
53 Eric Clapton, playing guitar
54 Elio Di Rupo, wearing red bowtie
55 Edna Everage, rose wig and crazy glasses
56 Edward Scissorhands, cutting a shrub
57 Emiel Goelen
58 Ernest Hemingway, back from hunt tropic hat
59 Emperor Nero, thumbs down
60 Shaquille O Neil, slamdunk
61 Samual Adams
62 Sandra Bullock, driving bus
63 Sean Carter
64 Snoop dog, smoking joint
65 Stefan Everts, jumping with motorcross bike
66 Sylvester Stallone, rambo with bow and arrow
67 Sam Goris, cutting the grass
68 Sherlock Holmes, searching with magnifying glass
69 Sam Neil, with t-rex
70 George Orwell, with animal farm
71 Gillian Anderson, with Grey alien
72 George Bush
73 George Clooney,
74 Gerard Depardieu, swinging sword
75 Gustave Eiffel, holding eiffel
76 Gene Simmons, sticking tongue out
77 Lady GaGa, coming out of an egg
78 Geri Haliwell, wearing british flag
79 Gary Numan, playing synthesizer
80 Hohoho, Santa Claus
81 Hahaha, Joker
82 Herman Brusselmans, dank u voor uuuwww aaandacht
83 Hugo Claus
84 Henry David Thoreau, cabin
85 personal
86 Homer Simpson, eating donuts
87 Hans Geiger, holding geiger counter
88 Hulk Hogan, flexing muscles
89 Horatio Nelson, standing at helm
90 No, Joelle Milquet
91 Neil Armstrong, stepping on moon
92 Napoleon Bonaparte, hand tucked in coat
93 Nicolas Cage, holding 60 sec chronometer
94 Napoleon Dynamite, performing jump on ramp with bike
95 Naked Elvis
96 Nicolas Sarkozy, standing on box
97 Nigella (Lawson), sucking finger
98 Napoleon Hill
99 Nick Nolte, grinning showing teeth

Hi 4Tops, since you have your system completed, have you started memorising a deck of cards? what are your experiences on that front?

I cannot help you with that, at the moment i have little interest in cards, i want to learn names, phone numbers and adresses. I am still working on faster recall of the persons associated to the numbers.

Where is the list?

85 is sex related right :smiley: