Does this site has a backup?

Does this forum has a backup of all its data ?,

I am asking because I had an untrue thought

“Forums are being deleted and there are outages”

I think that outages mean the server not being available which leads to the display of an error and It also scares me that one day all the data in this site will be gone after an outage,

However It will be comforting if we know that The Art of Memory forum has a backup so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong,


Have a Grand Day.

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The admins has of course memorized every post and section of the site, they are the backup.



Yes, there are regular backups. :slight_smile:

Edit: if you ever see an error while visiting this site, it probably means that we’re doing some quick maintenance work. Even if a server breaks there are multiple backups.


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I was looking for this reply. Fahrenheit 451 vibes, admins in the woods and stuff

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