Does anyone know about the book "Break trough speedreading"?

Hi all,

Have anyone read the book “Break trough speedreading”? Because I want to use this book, to learn speedreading.

I have read it a little but I am a little confused. I don’t understand how to use the progress file, because there are two of them.

Also it mentioned not to use novel books and magazines, but books about a topic, so I am thinking to use a study book of mine. In some of the excercises it is mentioned to use a easy book. My question what is a easy book? Because then I think of a book or magazines.

The other thing is about retention and comprehension. In the first chapter it talks about testing your current reading speed and your comprenension, by an testing exercise. In the chapters that follows after that comprehension and retention is not mentioned in any of the exercises. Only in the exercises in the chapters comprehension and retention. I am worried that I learn about speed reading but not how to have a comprehension and retention at a high reading speed. Because in the first couple of chapters it talks about using your finger, subvocalization and then comprehension and retention. After that it talks about reading fast, but with no exercises where comprehension and retention is in it.

I really hope to receive some answers, because I really want to learn about this for my study. The reason for it is, because I read “TOO SLOW”. Really very slow, so slow that I can’t keep up with the amount of reading materials.

I also hope some of you guys have read the book, because it is an old book.

Type in the search engine phrase: “Break trough speedreading” and you will find results. Yann and Alf593 read that book and talked a little about it. If they don’t see this thread try pm.

Thanks for your response haplo. Before I made this post I did all of what you recommended, but I still didn’t find the answers for my questions. I also send an message to Yan, but I still have no response from him.

I thought maybe by posting this I can find an answer to my question.