Does Anyone Here Use Two Sets of Images?

Does anyone here use two separate sets of images for 00-99?

I’m not that happy with my current system, but I know it well. I’ve just come up with another set of images for 00-99, and I’m thinking of using them both. Maybe one would be used as a peg system.

Has anyone tried this, and have you found it confusing in any way?


NUM     OLD         NEW
00      Isis        Sewing needle
01      Tea         Seal
02      Eisenhower  Zeus
03      Tea picker  Satellite
04      Osiris      Samba dancer
05      Dali        Sai (weapon)

The old version doesn’t match the pronunciation of the numbers, but the new version does.

Any suggestions?

I have a set for 0-9 and another for 00-09.
I do not see any reason why you would be limited to one image per number.

When you will see a number how will you influence which image (old/new) pops into your mind? Maybe you will subconsciously know but I’m not so sure.

At the beginning I might picture the new ones somehow differently (like shiny ones) and when I want to recall them I would know that I need the shiny image.

Another idea: if you use different methods to recall there won’t be much problem. E.g. using the shape of the numbers for one set and the meaning of them for the other. Imo this could work great for two simultan sets.

Thanks… I think I will train with my old set for now, but keep the new set in mind. I have a feeling that my new set will be faster if I practice with it, but I’m worried about hesitation in deciding which image to use.

I’m still setting up my 00-99s, and I change my mind a lot. Often, the old image pops into my mind instead of the new - but no need to fight it - it is usually one of the more memorable images, which is possibly why my mind went there in the first place. If I were you, I’d try to be open to using either without fighting what pops up; it has worked to my advantage within my limited experience.

Thanks – I may do that. I made sure that the images in each system were unique.

Here are a couple of ideas.
On working your 00-99 set:

  • when an image takes (a lot of) time to come up, change it.
  • when 2 images come up, always choose the first one
  • when an image comes up immediately, you have a good one; stick with it.

Thanks… I’ll try that. I think that my newer images will probably be easier to use.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to use as many overlapping images as possible? For instance, in one thread a person talks about memorizing decks in :30 - 1:00 with 52/52 system. If he used those same 52 images for 00-51, and looked at 104 digits, all of which were in that range, he should have no problem mimicking that time, as I mentioned earlier.

Why do you want distinct images?

Edit: This is important to me. I set up my 00-99 with major system before I even knew PAO existed, and for a beginner, I’m pretty good at speed numbers. Well, I might not be good, but it is comfortable at least. About a month after I learned about the method of loci, I memorized 1000 digits in an afternoon (it was not quick) using ADJ+OBJ ->(acting upon) - >ADJ+OBJ making 8 digits per loci; a method I made up but that works very well for me.


Now I have 52 new PAO’s for cards and have to decide whether I should use those and make up 52-99 PAO’s and ditch my old major 00-99’s… sigh So yeah, what advantage to separate images do you see?

In my two digit system, there is no PAO – just single images.

00 is Isis
01 is iced tea
02 is Eisenhower

It basically used a modified form of the major system to create the images. Later I modified the system to be consonant-vowel, so now every two digit number has a one syllable pronunciation:
00 = SO
01 = SI
02 = SU
03 = SAA (aa is the “a” in “cat”)

This left me with pronunciations that don’t match the images. So 07 is pronounced “SE” and is an image of ice cubes. It isn’t a problem, unless my brain gets tired.

In an attempt to make the image conversion faster, I thought that I could redo the system with images that match the pronunciation:

00 = SO = sewing needle
01 = SI = seal
02 = SU = Zeus
03 = SAA = Satellite

I know that I can drop the pronunciation/vocalization while memorizing, but I still want the strict pronunciation rules there, because the system is designed to memorize sounds and words as well as numbers and cards.

I don’t think there is much advantage to having two sets of images, but it’s just a result of trying to correct the mistakes I made when I created my earlier system. :slight_smile:

I see. From the get-go I’ve made every 2 digits into adjectives and verbs as well to memorize AdOVerbAdO and still drop 10 digits per loci. Doesn’t work well yet, but the adjectives and verbs are probably just not that good. In your other response thread you said “onion rolling off the rim into a pot.” I’m sure you have noticed that you are really using anOAO system, which means you could stick 2 more digits in per loci with verbs at the risk of making images less natural…
The way I see it, you will get used to whatever system you use, so better to opt for more digits. Feng may be good, but if he had trained using adjO twice per loci, I believe he would be even better.
That said, I am aware that I throw out a ton of ideas for a newb; just wanted to be clear that I have no false sense of superior understanding. :slight_smile:

I thought about it, but I’m not sure if I want the actions to represent numbers. The eventual goal is to put three images per location (like in the Ben System). I was doing that at first, but I found that using just two images is faster for me. When I upgrade to a three-digit system, I may put nine digits per location. I’m not sure if the action would be easier than just putting the extra image in there.

Hi Guys,

I am yet to start a two digit system, and currently only have PAO for cards.

Any advice on how to covert my card system to the 00-99, or would you recommend a whole new system? Also, what is the general preference for 00-99, People or Images??


Here’s how I do it:
clubs are 01-13
diamonds are 21-33
hearts are 41-53
and spades are 61-73

I recommend this over 00-51 or 01-52 because the number will always match the number of the card. You can also write the number on the index of the card and take note of it while memorizing cards, and you’ll learn pretty fast this way. However, I tend to prefer objects for 00-99, and haven’t taken the PAO seriously. It really is a lot more difficult in the short term, but I guess it’s worth the effort for some. Plus, you get the benefit of overlap. Still, the world record holder for Speed numbers (Feng) uses a simple 2 digit system, 4 per loci, having the objects interact in a certain way. It is pretty easy to remember which came first most of the time if you use 2 per loci by having the first object act on the other. For 6525 (jello, nail) you may imagine a “jello nail” or a nail made of jello. For 2565, you may imagine nailing jello to the loci, for example. If you do choose to use the major system for objects, you’ll get more mileage out of it in the short run, because you don’t even need to have the objects memorized well. You may come across 19 and imagine a tub, and the next time you’ll imagine a tophat. It won’t matter - you’ll still know what numbers it represents. Of course, not having to make it up on the spot is quicker, so you might want to try memorizing a list of 100 or so digits by making objects on the spot, going back through them and looking to see which images really stuck. Then you’ll know you found a good one which is worth committing to memory. That’s how I did it, and it’s pretty painless. If you want to take the major system route for making your images, and you don’t know the major system, it is:
1- t,d
2- n
6-ch, soft g, sh, j
7-k, hard g, hard c
8- v,f

My 26 is Nash - Steve Nash - and I find that he is extremely easy to remember for some reason. So even a combination of some people and some objects can be effective.

Also, I just watched south park episode 11, 12, and 13 of season 11. They are in “imagination land,” and there are a ton of good, familiar characters to use in those episodes. The episodes stream for free online :slight_smile:

Personally, I do have two sets of terms from 00-99. When using 4 digits per loci, my first term is from Set1 and my second term is from Set2.

Thanks for elaborating DH,

Although as I am a complete novice and am yet to start my 00-99 system, can you please explain what you mean by:-
"I recommend this over 00-51 or 01-52 because the number will always match the number of the card. "

Thanks in advance.


So you don’t want to waste your 52 PAO card characters, but make each card into a two digit number instead. Your first thought might be to put the cards in order, ace through king, and number them 1-52. But then your ace of hearts is 14 and your ace of diamonds is 27 - it doesn’t make sense. If your clubs are 01-13 and your diamonds are 21-33 then nine of clubs is 09, seven of clubs is 07, six of diamonds is 26, and five of diamonds is 25. It’s really easy because you will know, oh my CLUBS start with 0, or my HEARTS start with 4. So this card, the 4 of hearts, is 44. And Jacks Queens and Kings are 1’s 2’s and 3’s one up in the tens digit - Jh Qh and Kh are 51,52,53. See what mean?

Perfect. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m going through a weird problem right now. When I learned about the major system a few months ago, the first thing I did was make 100 objects. That’s all I practiced with for like two months before getting on this forum and learning about PAO. So I know those REALLY well. Now I have a PAO list and come to contradictions every time I get to one of my card PAOs. I already had an object for that number, but now that number represents one of my card PAOs so it’s a different object. I’m going to TRY to just keep the P and A from those characters and keep the O I am already familiar with, and hope this doesn’t cause confusion. I’m also going to try to change my P’s to many species of animals, because I rarely get “blank” loci, but I frequently get Loci where I can remember the AO but not who’s doing it. A giraffe is more memorable to me than any person on the planet.

Update: I ended up just getting rid of the images that I didn’t like and replacing them (about 20% of the system). Now I like it much better.

39 was a Marshall stack (guitar amplifiers), but now it’s Jimi Hendrix.

48 was Ray Charles, but now it’s a giant ray gun – like the kind found in old comic books. It’s more interactive. I already have a different piano player for #44, and the ray gun is more dynamic.

03 was a tea harvester – now it’s a satellite that flies around.

I had lost some inspiration for a while due to exhaustion, but I’m going to work on my 3-digit system again. :slight_smile: