Documentary Seeks Memory Practitioner

I’m producing a New York City based television documentary all about memory. We approach memory from a number of different angles and consider a variety of ways that memory impacts our daily lives. I am looking for someone who lives near New York City to speak candidly about their experience practicing memory techniques. We are very interested in first hand accounts of memory training.

Unfortunately, I can’t say too much more about the production publicly, but I can try to answer some questions in this thread. If you are interested in talking more, feel free to email me at greatnation at gmail


You guys should mention people with already very good memories too in the documentary and not just talk about mnemonics so that some people don’t feel left out (me ^^). People like Stephen Wiltshire (The human camera) and people with hyperthymesia (they can recall almost every day of their lives). Perhaps somebody with eidetic memory? Synesthesia should also be mentioned.


Yes we are talking to a lot of different types of memory experts! Those are great ideas, thank you!

While this documentary could indeed address savant memories like yours (Johnny’s), there is also the case of a particular person who claims to be a savant but actually uses memory techniques (hence the chapter about him in Moonwalking with Einstein). It would probably be best if this particular person wasn’t mentioned at all in any documentary discussing savants, lest any debate about his skills arises again. I don’t want folks getting the wrong impression again that said person is a savant. The whole point of memory techniques is that everyone can use them without having some sort of special ability from the start.

I would recommend that the makers of this documentary look into Moonwalking with Einstein. I know that the US Memory Championships were in New York City until recently.


Here’s some other stuff:

Thanks for the tip! The book has been on our radar for sure.

Haha yes I’m a painter outside of my work in television, there isn’t much overlap in the two practices for me.

I think @yanjaa lives in New York nowadays. At least when she is not travelling around and touring the world. In case you don’t know who that is: she holds the World Record in 5 min Words (145) and is in the top10 of the World Rankings. I would suggest you try to get in contact with her (probably easiest through her website:

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