Do you stick to memorization, or do you mix it up?

Just something I wondered after a little thing that happened, so lets start with the story, feel free to skip to the intention of this topic if you are not up for story time!

As you might know, I work a lot with corona patients and elderly who need help doing chores out of the house (like groceries) lately, since they cant go out themselves.

I was bringing groceries to a family that has been in quarantine for some time due to a vacation they just came back from. They have a daughter about the same age as my oldest, and she was in front of the window to see me bring the groceries and wave. I just casually asked how she was, and she said she was bored, thus I decided to grab a chair their neighbours had decoratively placed in the front yard, and I grabbed my cards and a pen, things I always have with me.

I decided to do a little magic. After all, it is never too early to introduce someone to the dark arts.

I grabbed the deck, and asked her favorite card. An eight of hearts, as she was 8 years old. I wrote her name on the face of the card. Moved it to the middle of the deck, and asked her favorite character, could be a princess, superhero, whatever. She picked batman (I love this girl) so I drew batman on the back of the next card. Bit of storytelling about how batman was going to find her card, and after some tries, he did. Ending up with a card that has her name on the front and batman on the back. Simple little magic trick to get a smile on her face.

Ended up putting the card with the groceries. After which I tought her another simpler magic trick she could practice, and when I come over again next week she will show it to me

So I got wondering. I do magic and cartistry with my decks, I build palaces in the games I like to play, so I quite mix it up with other hobbies where I can.

Do you mix (elements of) mnemonics with other things you like to do?


That’s a lovely little story. You are such a nice person. I always enjoy reading your posts. Kids do enjoy magic tricks. Especially when they can learn how to do it themselves and try the tricks with their parents.

I know a few magic tricks and I entertained my nephews and nieces and they always love it. You added a little story into trick which made it even more interested and I’m sure it’ll stay in her memory for a long time if not forever.

I tought my nephews how to create their own secret language so they can texts each other and nobody would guess their conversation other than themselves. They loved it and use it and have lots of fun with it.

I have a post about it here;

I myself use this method for making a to-do list. I am so used to doing it I become very fast at doing it.

Another good thing about it is that it can also be used for creating passwords. Handy little method that anyone can do, and the kids have no trouble learning it.

I really do like how you created a little story, I think it is the best way for the kids to understand and have a meaning of what they are learning while having fun.


For me its very well balanced. I like using rapid or instant part of our brain which means no mnemonics, pure raw data memorization that comes from repetition and which works well for purposes such as: languages, art memory, calculations, fighting games, shooting games, coding, I’ve tried mnemonics for these < in the past and found myself in a sense “failed” because of it (it took me <1 year to acquire C2 French literature reading skill from compelling input), not that it’s impossible to learn with mnemonics but the fact is its better sometimes to not use mnemonics. I believe Its also worth it to train pure raw data recall.

On the other hand, mnemonics are something that I’d use for large amounts of informations that I needed to learn in one sitting and or something that requires in depth conceptualization. Such as textbook homeworks, large numbers, cards, writing, reminders, lists etc…

Funny though, cause the latter will also force you to repetition in the long run which means it’d end up being rapid as well, only con to it is that it takes longer if the amount of datas are larger.