Do you prefer to take notes, or add knowledge to your memory palace as you learn?

So if you were, say, reading a book. Would you take notes and then store those notes in your memory palace? Or would you simply store information in your memory palace as you read the book, eliminating the need for any notes?

I do the former, but I want to transition to the later for my last semester this year to push my limits.

I wonder if the doing both at the same time is really efficient … After all, it is a completely different task to read a book and grasp the meaning, and store infos in a palace. Both require deep focus and I am afraid that switching between both all the time does not help focusing on any.

Sure, that would be super cool to be able to do both, and will certainly impress others, but don’t think it would be very efficient.

Whenever I read a book,articles online or watch a video,that I need to remember, I use Memory Palace or linking method to catch the main points of the materials. Because not only I can understand the main ideas of a book or articles or videos better by storing the main points in loci of MP,my attention also works well doing so! I become more mindful if I use MP during reading notes,articles,books or videos…Otherwise,I become “mindless”!!

Using “mnemonic” techniques to grasp the main idea during the time of reading articles,books,notes,etc is a very very important skill,in my opinion…

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I see your point. That must require a profound familiarity with your palace. I am really curious to have an expert point of view on the daily practice of memory palace. Maybe you already wrote something like this somewhere ?

For example, do you always work with the same palaces, or do you create new ones every time you must learn something different ?

Edit, looking for it, I found this where you describe your bagage, thanks :slight_smile: How much can you learn a day?,
But I’m still curious, say you have an interesting article,
do you read it first quickly just to know where relevant information stands ?
I guess your palace is ready before beginning reading, do you move in the palace as you read ?

I have a lot of Memory Palaces and I keep adding new Memory Palaces to my existing MP collection! :slight_smile:

Not at all… You don’t even need to ‘clearly’ visualize your MPs. You just need a ‘sense’ of the space inside your MP! Katie has explained this very nicely in one of her interviews. I am not sure if this is the one where she talks about her experience of MPs >>

You may find it very strange that you don’t even need a Memory Palace for storing the main ideas/points of an article,book,note. You can just use any ‘peg systems’,or even objects from your rooms to store the main points of an article.

Mattias Ribbing has demonstrated the technique in this video. Do watch it. What he shows in the video works, and the demonstration of his technique might help answer your questions and solve your confusions >>

Most of the time,l just read a passage from the book. At the end of the passage,I convert the most relevant information from the passage into images,and then,store the images in the loci…I think,it is a very easy thing to do! Reading the whole article and then,deciding which areas of the article should be converted into images. And then,reading that article again…is gonna take more times and hassle than is needed.

It is recommended to read a passage and storing info from that passage right away…You can actually do live storing,because after all,while you are reading an article, you are at the same time visualizing what is written in the article,anyway! Especially,if you are a visual person(which I am). You just put those visualized images in the loci. That is all…

This,by the way,is not my technique. I learned this technique(of storing images while reading an article into a peg or loci from this course>>>

The author of the course is ‘right’ when he says,your comprehension and reading speed will increase if you store info in loci or pegs while you are reading something!

Yes,I always use a readymade MP for any type of reading! Because as I said,If I don’t use MP/loci/Pegs during my reading,listening,etc,then it becomes difficult for me to comprehend the topic fast and effectively!

Thank you very much for these precisions !
Definitely going to try this :slight_smile: I guess it takes a little bit of training to do it but it seems worth it.
This is exactly the kind of things I needed to hear now. I have built huge palaces but I never use them because … it’s strange, it’s as if I am a bit afraid that using them for something kill them. For me, when you use a palace for something, you cannot use it for something different anymore… But maybe I’m wrong on this one ?
I going to build small palaces and try this on small articles/videos.

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Yes,you can! You can use the same Memory Palace for different topics…

I have some Memory Palaces that I keep using again and again for storing stuffs for short term only. For example,I have two Memory Palaces for quickly storing contents of an article or videos or even conversations in order to comprehend them well. I use these Memory Palaces interchangeably. And I use them for short term memory. Not for long term memory…

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