Do you have misophonia? [POLL]

Does anyone here have misophonia? I’m curious if it’s common in this community.

Misophonia is a condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they are confronted with sounds made by other human beings. In particular, sounds like chewing, lip smacking or breathing may cause intense anger and physical arousal. Sufferers usually avoid misophonic situations or endure them with intense discomfort, which leads to profound functional impairment. [source]

  • Yes, strongly
  • Yes, mildly
  • Not sure
  • No, but I used to have it
  • No, I’ve never had it
  • Other (comment below)

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Here’s a video about it:

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Generally I don’t, but there are two moments where I do dislike it. Either when I am a bit stressed and just want silence or music, or when someone chews loud enough to drown out the sound of a jetliner taking off right next to me.


YES. I put not sure because it’s very on-and-off.

What seems to trigger it is when I’m already irritated and happen to notice it. (interestingly, I will be completely happy until the very moment I consciously NOTICE the sounds, even if those sounds were already present for a long time in the environment and I was completely fine with it before I put my attention on it).

It’s kind of like, when I’m in a good mood, I might completely miss all the sounds, movements, gestures of others that might bother me. Once a bad mood strikes (or am focusing very intently on doing something without any interruption) and I somehow “notice” how someone is, say, “scratching their head”, I might somehow become irritated, even if they always did that before. And it seems to be highly physiological, and I can identify it’s not the other person’s fault – it’s like a personal bodily-psychological-emotional irritation, and I am absolutely fascinated by the mechanism of how this works. It’s also dangerous, because if I were to somehow not be aware of this, I might actually become aggressive and blame other people. I think that’s the reason why when I feel the urge to blame someone for anything, I realize, it’s not just them making sounds or scratching their head or slurping soup or whatever I dislike – it’s my own temporary irritation with that and inability to cope.

There are some coping mechanisms that I use and I’d like to hear yours. One of them focusing my attention on my gut, because a lot of the emotional discomfort feels like it’s coming from my gut. So if I feel irritated, I just imagine the discomfort of my gut. I might imagine my gut “filling” with something that calms it down, like a kind of satisfying milk or something. There are lots of meditative/imaginative exercises, I keep exploring how to emotionally regulate. One is to have thoughts about my thoughts. So if I’m thinking now, I’m thinking about how I’m thinking about how I’m thinking – which kind of becomes a surprising loop, but being aware of my thoughts can create some kind of stability in not just gut emotions, but also my mental motivations and understandings. Imagining “peace” or “relief” also works. I was reading in Wikipedia about Buddhism, and there was some suggestion to “imagine boundless space” and “imagine nothingness”… that also seems to have an effect.

The profound thing about misophonia is how much is underscores the limitations of my self control and understanding of how “I” work and feel

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I don’t know how to determine the degree of my misophonia, I went with mildly, but I’d say it’s in between mildly and strongly. Often I manage to keep my irritated reactions internally since I’m a rather composed. Even when still seemingly composed I can be really angry at the inside and might imagine punching other people or worse. The exent of my irritation/anger/similar often increases significantly when I’m “tortured” by that person on a regular basis and tends to lead me to avoiding that very person or situation. But it can also begin on a high level of irritation when on a high stress level anyway i.e.

Dealing with misophonia and other unpleasant things I have a tendency to dissociate eventually and dive inside of me. That can be a helpful increase of endurance for me. Nevertheless this is not really the ideal solution but more like an automated workaround when overwhelmed. Still way better than losing my temper of course. But it doesn’t work in every situation.


Irritation increases when I have told that person before: please don’t be so noisy, and that persons says: I am not noisy. And continues to do the same.

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I used to have it but I am not sure now.