Do Midnight Snacks Impair Recall?

Sleep’s Link To Learning And Memory Traced To Brain Chemistry

One surprising bit of research at the meeting was a study that suggests a midnight snack can undo the memory benefits usually conferred by getting enough sleep. A team from UCLA found that mice that ate during their normal sleep time scored worse on memory tests than mice that ate during their normal waking hours.

“Those animals show severe deficits in their recall,” says neuroscientist Christopher Colwell. And the deficit occurred even if the animals were getting a normal amount of sleep, he says. The finding suggests that people who wake up during the night and want to snack should probably abstain, Colwell says, if they want their memory to work normally the next day.

Did you ever post anything on why we actually need sleep Josh?

The whole body has the lymph system to clear out dead cells and their byproducts and such, except the brain. It has a unique system, that is around 20x more active during sleep than during wakefulness. Here is a video:

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Interesting video.

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Here’s another article about it: