Do I need a loci to memorize English words?

Is it bad to imagine only words and meanings?

What is the difference between loci and the meaning of words only?

I have to study, but I have a lot to make loci.

I am confused on what you are asking. If you are trying to learn English vocabulary, you can use locations to store them. Are you trying to learn random words or a specific set of words? Any examples would be great!

I have to memorize a total of 10000 words.
Do I need a loci?

Or is it better to study just like a picture?

For that many words you could link the meaning with the words.

Here is an example in Esperanto:

English word: ball
Esperanto word: pilko (“peel-ko”)
Mnemonic image: peeling a ball like it was an orange

Try to link each mnemonic image to both words.