Do Brain games improve memory?

I was recently surfing the play store when I found a lot of these Brain games/ Brain training apps.

These apps claim to improve your memory and overall brain functioning.

Most of these apps include small games and exercises like flip card memory, speed math(basic arithmetic) ,complete the pattern, etc.

I am quite skeptic about these, do they really help increase memorisation?

I want know if other users have used and got any benefit or are these a simple waste of time.

These games don’t do anything for your memory at all. How is remembering the spots of specific cards in flip card memory going to help you when you learn a language? It won’t. These games give your brain something to do which is good but are a waste of time when it comes to improving your memory. Practicing memory techniques will help you improve your memory and allow you to learn anything.

Maybe but you are right to be skeptical.

Why not train on the memory games here? They’re free for a few uses each day.

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