Difficulties with TM

so i have been usng TM on and off for almost 2 years and i can see some great benefits from it.
but i have some issues with exhaustion and tiredness even after TM session . somedays i feell that TM puts me into a much more irritable mood than id normally be, like my anxiety levels are sky rocketing and then other days i feel great from it. has anyone else experienced this type of experience. and yes i learned TM for a certified instructor

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What is a TM?

I had to think like a minute what it could be. :grinning:
I would say “transcendental meditation”

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I found that Meditation alone would not solve the issues like anxiety,irritation completely…Yes,no doubt,Meditation helps so much in decreasing those issues! But many times,the issue is purely biological and should be handled differently than just with Meditation(TM,Vippassana,Anapana,Zen or whatever)!

Last couple of months,I have been experimenting with “Herbs” like “Ashwagandha,St Jones wort,Ginseng”,etc! Also,Vit-D,Vit-B,Zinc,Magnesium,etc! And overall my mood is better,my anxiety is lower! Even during my meditation sessions, I have better handling over my “Default Mode Network”…those selftalks,mental images,etc!

Personally, I tend to experience similar symptoms when I am pushing myself cognitively for awhile. My understanding is that it can be caused by depletion of the neurotransmitter choline. In order to avoid these problems, I generally eat a couple eggs each morning. Eggs are fairly rich in choline.

Obviously, I cannot be certain that I have diagnosed the reason for these symptoms accurately, nor can I be sure that the eggs are having any real beneficial effect. But it does seem to help.

If this sounds to you like it might be your issue, I recommend you do a bit of research on the neurotransmitter choline for your own knowledge. In case you don’t like eggs, I believe there are other safe options for increasing available choline.


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I practiced Transcendental Meditation years ago. It was OK for improving focus and calm. As with many of the Meditation Techniques I have tried, the hope is that they will somehow someday lead to better focus and serenity… problem is most of us need results now.
Recently I have been using the Wim Hoff breathing techniques and results are instant, tangible and can be done in 10 to 20 minutes. YouTube and the Wim Hoff site have many free resources that show you exactly how to do it. If you don’t feel great after the first try I would really be surprised. I would also add, that some of these meditations can lead to hours of meditation… at least for me with little long term or even short term benefit. Seemed like I just got better at meditating longer without gaining anything.

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I have been practicing Wim Hof’s method’s breathing for around three years!

When I first did it, I was shocked to see how great I felt. It was such a great feeling…

However,as time passed by, that initial good feeling had diminished! Though I still do it regularly in the morning!