Different Mind Maps

I experimented with the same mind map. On the right I add the images.

Words/Images only



mm2mm2p Note that I have numbered the last element in group. This way through repetition I know how many elements there are and always practice counting them in the same order (beneficial for memory). mm3mm3p More colors is more beneficial. The more center the more eye-catching the color is. Also, too much numbers is distracting, enough is just the last one.


mm4mm4p Geometric shapes allow you to grasp how many elements there are. Also good for memory. mm5mm5p Different colors (I am half red-colorblind, that's why I like blue more. Don't know about you. If you also like blue more then it's just that combination of black&blue is better than black&red). mm6mm6p This illustrates how much difference it makes whether the map is made with care or not.


mm7mm7p Quite good, I think. In this case every word is inside geometric shape. mm8mm8p Too tight. Geometric shapes overlap.


My favourite was: mm4p Although I think this was also very good: mm3p

What I learned:
Making with care, adding images, geometric shapes and various colors - these are what make mind map user friendly.

Mind maps! It is very good as a review cortical tool that combines the creative active and the rational logical mind.

Very useful for renditions of notes and reviewing!

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

please excuse my confusion. If you are trying to communicate a journey method here, why not just go in clockwise order? That’s what I do perhaps based on recommendations from Ronnie White in his videos.

I think that everybody have a way to make a mindmap, which adapt to his form of studying and learning.

By example, I started with words, after I included images, after, I used the knowledge builder, after, I only drew images, not even arrows, and now, I draw and include some text, many times, text is just symbolic.

My advice is just let your mind flow and express itself, the most important questions are : how do I prefer it? and how do I get it faster and better?