Did any of you ever learn a new language in a short amount of time (<1 MONTH)

I have been using memory techniques for some time now (calculus, trigonometric identities, anatomy, histology, pathology etc.), but recently I have been thinking in using them for language learning, you see I speak with confidence my mother tongue and english, un peu de français, and now italian, I started memorizing some words of the 4 languages as extra vocabulary and some poems, so I thought about using it to learn a related language (latin), because it’s mostly written. I’ve read about someone using alphabetical memory palaces to learn germany in three months, did someone also use it? Thanks.


I guess it depends on your need. If you’re traveling to a certain place with a different language, it’s possible. Concentrate on learning phrases first and have someone to converse with.

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It’s probably possible to become conversational in Esperanto in a month if you already know French, English, and some Italian.

People in the forum often ask about ideas on memorizing math topics. If you want to share some examples, I think people would be interested. :slight_smile:

Besides the major system (that I use to memorize PI and some logarithms), I try to use “sounds” for example.
Tan(a+b)= [tan(a)+tan(b)]/1-tan(a)tan(b)
I try to memorize the “sign” switch with a sound, the same applies to some parts of calculus. And I also use memory palaces for more complex stuff.

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Could you please share your methods using these equations?

dex****ter using speed (Sound of a cymbal, both signs) is talking to n(2)emo under a tree, (other room, ) Sound of a Cymbal(both signs) under a giant tree, the grand n(2)egus is talking to my mother (drum sound, inverse signs inside a equation) and Nich(K)o"r"as maduro saying “car(4)amba” and Gauss(exP) is talking to a priest with long hair)
To be fair, some of what I said only makes sense in portuguese, but that is the idea, I also like to add what I call Kinesis, the images have to be talking, focus on the faces. if possible add other senses or emotions.
Using the same techniques you can memorize the other equations, the palaces will only be longer.

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