Developing synesthesia

No, It is not a catagory of items, I made it a catagory(1 million revisions),

My intention with making that synesthesia was to get one of the best memories in the world if not the best memory,

Can you explain how a person can get synesthesia by imagining(?) the taste of sounds,

I will try to experiment with designing the 1 million revision synesthesia using your method but will use a 5 times revision synesthesia just to be safe as I think that the brain may have to do a dangerous amount of processing for a 1 million *revision synesthesia,

And I will try that method on myself,

I know little of applying synesthesia, But I can design them using whatever I know,

It will be interesting to see how will thinking in synesthesia feel like(I tried thinking in smells, Like people think in sounds and images) and it worked but was meaningless(Those smells had no meaning) but I think that they can also be used in memory as in many memory techniques people say certain things in their imagination but by adding meaning to smells as a person has added meaning to images people may be able to smell meaningful smells when visulising through their mind’s nose and as olfactory memory is the strongest memory which is the memory for smells a person may even be able to boost retention with this method and using a method of smells has increased my performance in the memory leage by 20% and I will use olfactory memory because of this for the foreseeable future and I also hop to use sound memory for memorizing(Ex- As soon as a difficult number comes like no 34 -A different voice will be imagined dictating the numbers which will be converted into images but this method still work in progress and I hope to use it with the Olfactory Memory technique as I think that the content of the speech not the sound of voice giving that speech consumes chunks of my memory which are very precious for me nowadays),


Have a Great Day.

I’d be interested to hear how you do with this project.

To me it seems that you can add whatever sensory data you like to your images/scenarios. You invented the image, why not just invent the attendant smells and sounds? At least that’s what I do.

My experience of synesthesia is that it’s akin to listening to music that summons emotions. Why is music associated so strongly with feeling? I have no idea but most people experience this.

When I listen to music there is often a sensation of color but it may not correspond to any color I can see. I call these abstract colors. I have definite sensation of color but I couldn’t describe. Perhaps the visual cortex in my brain is capable of hosting a wider range of colors than my retina can detect or perhaps it’s just a bit miswired.

I have thought of a Synesthesia for doing Maths in which a person looks at a Maths Problem and associates it with seeing a diagram(As nearly half or more than half a Math problem is solved when a diagram is drawn),

And I also hope to develop a synesthesia in which when I read a text I will be able to smell it, assign a color to it based on my feelings about it and see it, Taste the text and get that same feeling, hear the text in my mind with a voice that gives me that same feeling and also get that same feeling as if I am touching an object(A Pack of Ice) and I hope to get the second synesthesia today and the first synesthesia within a few days I will post my results soon,

And in my second synesthesia each sense will trigger another sense,



My second synesthesia the five fold synesthesia worked I was able to recall enough in the short answer questions to get full marks however I could not answer any long answer question but I don’t know why.

I was able to recall conceptlike text and top memory champions recall using schema like things(For the lack of a better word, Inaccurate filler word),I wonder what will happen if one day a top memory champion uses this method(Recalling Schema like+Knowlage like things which may give a further boost in memory and potentially some extra capabilities.,

Or if I will be able to use those things forcefully



That fivefold synesthesia was different from my original post about 5 fold synesthesia,

To get this Synesthesia I read all thes sentences associated a taste to each word and then a smell and then I used a Memory Palace in which I visualized the things which I had tasted and then felt them.

However there is a warning against getting this synesthesia above,

This I will use Superb Associations to memorize long content and then post the results in this forum and interestingly I still remember many words verbatim from this Synesthesia,

And Now I think that I have only slot slot of textual memory and can store only one idea in my head compared to 4-5+ idea storage capacity of others however taht Idea which I can store can be very large almost the entire subheading of a chapter and using Superb Associations I hope that it becomes a sub heading of a chapter or even more,

And now I am using a method which came to me automatically while using this Synesthesia like the number shape system came to Solomon Shreveskey when memorizing numbers,

I call it Tree Linking and I hope to use it with a memory technique of @Erol whose name I am remembering(Of that memory technique in which we pair and chain link infomation)

I also hope to add Cross Linking and Tree Linking along with Superb Associations to it,


Have a Great Day.

I think it’s a great idea! I just got interested in developing synesthesia after reading your post and others.

I find imagining smells and tastes harder than shapes, textures, and sounds, so I’ll try to ground my project on the latter group. Since words are just images, their sensations could follow from the sensations of similar previously defined formats.

I’ve read about something called “Bouba/kiki effect.” I think it’s going to help me to associate shapes and textures with sounds.

I’ll try to make my process the most intuitive as possible since a rigid grid of that many sensations will be easily forgotten. Imagining the respective shape and asking “what’s the first sound that comes into my mind when I see this?” seems to be a good path.