Developing synesthesia

I was thinking on being able to develop synesthesia by imagining the taste of sounds or creating a system for it, like:

Жа=Creamy taste
so on…

Or for each word, object or image imagining a smell/taste.
So that would make you to develop synesthesia.

I suppose everyone has synesthesia to a degree and it can be developed.
In fact each sound must have a taste, but the point is making a contact with reality itself in order for someone to feel the correct taste.
For that I would prefer to have the correct set of smells and tastes for each stuff instead of making a mnemonic system that may dissinchronize myself with reality.

Does anyone here have something like a table made by a person who got synesthesia that contains the smell and tastes of stuff?

What do you think about the idea?



It can work, although it might be extremely uncomfortable (smelling and tasting disgusting combinations).

I had the idea of creating memory systems using sysnesthesia for example for my recent system for memorizing numbers and I had also designed some synesthesias for example -

1 million revision synesthesia-In this synesthesia one revision is associated with a million revisions (Could have been very good for studies but instead of getting the effect of 1 million revisions I saw shapes and colours)

Sound Revision Synesthesia - In this synesthesia you repeat whatever you want to learn and and associate it with hearing whatever you had read multiple times in your head and it works for some time and then yu stop hearing thse things may be the effect of synesthesia ends after sometime but this may not happen if this is done for a long time,

I am scared that the Sound Revision Synesthesia with some modifications can be used for cheating in exams and memory compititons.

5 fold synesthesia - A man who some say could not forget had ths synesthesia and his memory is potentially stronger than the strength of half of mine total memories combined and I want to have that Synesthesia but I do not know how,

And he was Solomon Shereshevsky.

Yes It has been proven that on the inside we all are synthesists,

And I think that if you will get 5 fold synesthesia your memory will improve but with some disadvantages but you can make that synesthesia volunatary and if you want to have that sysnthesia you can make the images Sematic and you can potentially do that with other senses also,

And for further reading

Edit: I had not designed 5 fold synesthesia, I had just forgotten to put a heading above 5 fold synesthesia.

I had read that you had some synesthesias which you could not get rid of, I have found that disassociating synesthesia helps and that it is(Synesthesia is) acquired much faster through pictures.

What do you mean by that?

For some reason instead of getting the effect of 1 million revisions of a text after reading the text only once I started to see shapes and coloures same as that of Herron in Control which is a video game but my memory improved slightly.

By effect I meant “result” and I thought that the word effect meant “result”.

That does not make sense to me. Do you mean that you started associating texts with shapes and colours?

What do you mean by disassociating synesthesia?

Is it similar to inhibition?

I have also since last time, managed to modify quite a bit, so I don’t currently suffer from any synesthesia that is unpleasant. I have always found that it is easier particular when very consistent and automatic, to change rather than to delete or inhibit.

No, I tried to associate the catagory of 1 revision to the catagory of 1 million revisions and then the catagory of 1 revision to the catagory of 1 million revisions and then I started seeing shapes and colours for sometime untill my synthesis stopped,

Maybe this was because my mind could not process 1 million revisions in place of 1 revision or the revisions were mixed up and because of that I saw shapes and coloures,

If you want you can try the thing which I had highlighted in bold maybe you will also see shapes and coloures for sometime and will improve your memory and will also feel weird,


Have a Good Day.

When I got the sound revision synesthesia, I kept hearing voices in my head which I got by associating hearing the voices in my head speaking the text which I am reading,

And so I disassociated hearing voices in my head speaking the text which I am reading and after sometime I stopped hearing those voices,

Maybe because disassociation is the opposite of association.

What it is meant by 1 million revisions?

When we consider association, we usually indicate that one stimuli triggers another. Conversely we invoke this by triggering a Stimuli in response to another as a form of training. Eventually this happens automatically, without conscious attention. In the earlier periods of such an association, It can subconsciously drive us to activate the response consciously with relatively little effort.

Disassociation seems to imply taking that association and cutting it off. When it is automatic, this is very difficult to do as it requires conscious attention to inhibit and overtime hopefully avoid.

What method do you use to disassociate cue-response relations?

I think that when associating between two words a person pairs them how ever when disassociating between two words I think that a person unpairs them or cuts their connection which is what I do.

It means revising or repeating a information 1 million times, I think that the 1 million revision synesthesia did not work because synesthesia is a mixture of one or more senses and it does not have anything to do with much(1 million) revisions,

However I will try to get 5 fold synesthesia in an attempt to boost my memory.

Sorry. This is not making sense. I cannot comprehend how someone could associate 1 million revisions with a knowledge.

I associated 1 revision to 1 million revisions verbally just like I associate information to objects in my Mind Palace,

Ex-Create an image for the word(s) 1 million revisions
Pair link the word 1 revision to it

For me 1 revision is a different category and 1 million revisions is a different category,

You argue in the book that, to some extent, anyone can hone this skill. What are some tricks for learning synesthesia?

It depends on what you want to learn. It’s really just associating two things into a single category. You pick a category and you start associating things in that category, which could be sound, and things in the other category, which could be colours. So once you start associating those things, you’re building new pathways.

Credit to Huffpost,


Have a Good Day.

I have synesthesia to a moderate degree. My mom had it quite intensely. I would not be surprised if most have it to some extent.

I don’t really see the point in developing it deliberately. But I am an ardent advocate of enlisting all the senses in memorization. Standard methods emphasize visual images but I often find smell, texture and other sensory qualities will really enhance the vividness of an image.


So you mean that “1 million revision” is just a category of items in which you reviewed many times so you know them in depth?

My supposition is that all senses are connected, and that means that the invoking of one sense can evince an engram of another sense, so with synesthesia you have a five fold memory. All interconnected and supporting each other to remember the senses related to their respective senses.
Something like that.