Developing perfect pitch

I have played music on and off (piano, violin and others) since I was a kid, but never had perfect pitch.

Now I’m in my late 40s and I’ve been learning and playing the same piano piece almost every day for several months. Recently I’ve found that I can sing the tune at the correct pitch before I start to play - at least the last 10 times in a row that I’ve tried. So it seems I am inadvertently developing perfect pitch - if I can sing one note with absolute pitch, I can work out other notes relative to that.

I’m kind of amazed, because I always thought perfect pitch was something you either have or you don’t, but it seems it can be learned, even at my age.


Perfect Pitch=Stable Neural Connections(If I remember correctly from an article which I now can not find)

I think that the faster your neural connection will become very stable the more you will develop perfect pitch (As I think that all of us have perfect pitch to some extent)

And the article below also contains a line on neuronal connection which can increase my chance of being correct in my retrival of the memory,

There are some articles in the internet for getting perfect pitch which may help you In getting perfect pitch faster(From- perfect pitch developmet - Google Search)


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in the book Peak by Aders Ericsson, you can find that even people that are older can learn perfect pitch.

The main idea is to have program that output single base note, hear it as many time as you can until you can tell it apart from other notes. hear the other notes in relation to that note and with time make it possible to hear other notes and less of the base one and test yourself on the piano as example.

It is important to note that when you have perfect pitch it doesn’t mean that you can identify 100% of the notes there is some margin of error there that is acceptable and still make it possible to call it perfect pitch

Read more about what I explained in Peak chapter 7

Hope that helped.

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