Deliberate practice and willpower

I have been practicing to memorize a deck of cards on and off for 9 months with a time ~5 minutes with good accuracy however I have reached a point where I am unable to do even 1 go through without getting frustrated and stop doing the process after only a few minutes. Even now the last time I went through a deck of cards was weeks ago.
I want to be able to do the process regularly but am unable to practice deliberately.
Any tips to make the process easier/ less frustrating?

I’m not sure. Does it help if you try to reduce the size of the task? Example: on days when you feel like that, instead of trying to memorize 52 cards, try memorizing only 13. If that goes okay, then try memorizing the next 13 cards.

Or if even that is frustrating, try reading through the deck and converting the cards to images without memorizing them. That kind of exercise can lead to increased speed in the long run and might not be as frustrating, since there is no score at the end.

Failure can lead to reduced motivation, and success can lead to increased motivation. Changing the goal to make it within reach for your current state might lead to more of a feeling of success, which could lead to more motivation.

I don’t know — just brainstorming some ideas.