Debate: Android vs IOS, Which team are you on?

Hi, let’s have a peaceful debate! Share your favorite OS and tell why you like it.

Aazib Chaudhry

I’m looking forward to Firefox OS…

I like Free open-source software. :slight_smile:

iOS here, largely because of how well integrated with my Macs at home.

I find operating systems to be like memory techniques: If the one you use works for you, then you’re using the right one. If the one you’re using doesn’t do everything you need or want it to do, you’re using the wrong one.

Android is on top and it will dominate the market for a very long time. The craze for iOS products is reducing, as Apple is not able to deliver any revolutionary feature these days.

Firefox OS looks good, but I feel that Android’s UI is much cleaner as compared to Firefox OS.

True, but it’s still early and has a way to go. In any case, I prefer freedom in software over slickness of interface. :slight_smile:

Android and iOS are closed, proprietary platforms. I think that people shouldn’t have to buy certain expensive hardware just to use a certain program. The way things are now, if you want to use an iOS program you have to buy an expensive iPhone. If you want to use an Android program you have to buy an expensive Android device. It’s very restricting…

If I have to make a choice between Android and iOS, then I’d choose Android, because at least it’s Linux based and the code can be split off from Google’s proprietary versions. There’s an interesting project over here:

See this page for more info:

I think that the future of human society is dependent on the technology that we choose. IMHO, if society today chooses Free open-source hardware and software (e.g., Arduino, GNU/Linux, GPL), it increases the chance that future generations will have freedom. :slight_smile:

Agreed! :slight_smile:


Simply because I’m shackled to an IPad. I’m not a fan of closed software ecosystems, pretty much as they become monopolies and work against progress. Not an Apple fan for those very reasons. Not a Windoze fan either due to the software bloating.

What I’m eyeing off next is a Samsung Galaxy note. In many ways it feels like I’m reverting to a PDA that had the same bells and whistles ie touch, stylus but with external storage, a phone and a bigger screen. Hmm . . . That sums up how I feel about IPads as well. Ie PDA on steroids.