Daily Beginner Training Routine

I’m new to memory training and I would like some advice for a daily training routine.

I was thinking of the following:

  • Memory Palaces

  • Linking exercise

  • Pegging

  • Major or number shape system

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you

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It would help to know what your goals are… a marathon runner trains different from a bodybuilder.

If you type the word “routine” into the search box, there are also previous threads with some ideas.

Second that! But to answer the question, wsmith320, PERSONALLY I use ‘speed cards’ as a training exercise for my ‘academic’ memorisation and try to run through a deck of cards once or twice a day with a full PAO in a MP. At various times during the day I pick up a deck of cards and just go through it trying to ‘recall’ the Person, action and object for each card as quickly as I can say it. Before I go to sleep-either at night or at lunchtime (I’m an old man that’s my excuse) I try and recall, in my head, the entire deck again in CHASED order (the Pythagorean Method).
British Car number plates are a mix of letters and numbers so I try, when out walking, to make them memorable on the fly.

PS. something I have found, as a newbie myself, that is almost as important as the Training itself is RECORD KEEPING! A target ‘hit’ and RECORDED is HISTORY, a target ‘hit’ and NOT recorded is a MYSTERY (and often ‘misery’).

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My goal is to be able to memorize processes and procedures for work. I want to memorize tracking guidelines and global standards for a website. I want to learn new technologies.

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@wsmith320 Are you planning on memorising those guidelines and standards verbatim, word for word, or ‘just’ the meaning of them? I would suggest you only learn the meaning/concept of them because such things tend to be liable to change , I should imagine.

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I don’t plan on remembering word for word. I want to be able the concepts and meanings quickly.