Cyclope - not a champion, not a beginner either


I am a 43 old man, from France - I know, my english could be better.

Professional firefighter until now, I had a little health issue and had to consider a big professional change. So I started a brand new scholarship, and had to work challenging new courses. It brought me (back) to memory techniques, for there are very complex matters, and challenging ones in this regard.

As of these techniques, I am not quite new. I read the Hary Lorayne book 15 years ago - only by curiosity, didn’t practice really at this time. But I started over with it some months ago. It was more of a challenge, motivated by 2 indirect intentions: assess what was left of my intellect after my “health problem” (that involved a deep cerebral infection), and depend less on my smartphone.

I succeeded. I painfully built an imperfect recall table for numbers from 00 to 99 for phone numbers, and currently know about 50. With a learning method quite common (Anki and flashcards), the process of learning them is quite straightforward. Today, I don’t need to lose seconds to look for my correspondant contact; I type the number, it’s a bit narcissic and showoff, but I like it :slight_smile:

For more practical issues, I learnt the french territory subdivisions (with their numbers and capital cities) with success (overseas regions were a little tricky); and I am in the process of learning all the world countries, their capitals, territories, and flags. Still with Anki, and with reasonable success (I ate 75% of the whole list).

These days, I am working on the next step. And this one is directly linked to my studies. As I have a dire need to connect numbers with text and ideas (law, statistics and historical data), I am building a PAO system to code and retain up to 4 digit numbers and connect them with something else. So I am trying a simple table with a character, an action, an object and a place. I intend to test the thing on great historical events in the following weeks. But I had some little tryouts on isolated numbers, that appear conclusive.

I never had a “bad” memory - I know it doesn’t mean anything. But I didn’t feel the need to work hard on the subject until now. This said, I discovered that improving my memory use did come with a better self confidence. So I will never compete in a championship; but I am convinced that it’s a great lever for (self)education. And I started helping my kids on this way.

I couldn’t miss the AOM forum, of course. So here I am. There are very interesting resources here.

See you soon.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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