Currently reading Make It Stick...want to pass along other Learning Websites to help others

I’m currently reading Make It Stick, while I think what I’ve read so far is good, it still leaves alot to be desired, especially if your trying to teach yourself how to learn. Or, change the way you are trying to learn. I would say this book is alot like A Mind for Numbers, its good at saying there are better ways to learn, but doesn’t provide solid examples on how to go about it.

With me saying this, I want to pass along two websites that have been very helpful for me. Not sure if others have talked about them or not.

Blog hasn’t been updated in some time, however there are some great pdf resources and read thru the blog for other gems.

Also has awesome pdf downloads to help you change how you learn. Also the blog is frequently updated.

Hope this helps


Thanks for sharing the resources!

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