Curious New Member: Charlene - USA

I have boarded this ship of memory travelers to improve my working memory. My longterm desire is to learn French, Spanish and Italian. At present, in my studies of French, my working memory is just barely there. I am seeking private coaching, online programs and other recommendations for starting out in “your world.”

In my early life I was a professional yachtswoman and lived that lifestyle full time for 15 years. I have just ended another 15 year career as a neuro trainer and depth psychologist using brainwave biofeedback and Jungian philosophy. I also have a long history in yoga and other athletic pursuits. I now do long hiking trips in Europe and want to learn French, Spanish and Italian. Thus, my past successes and memory systems have been based on kinesthetic or feminine intuitive strengths.

I am not seeking to enter competitions, just the pleasure and opportunity to enjoy conversations when I travel, and to improve the culture inside my own head.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Check out the how to learn memory techniques page if you haven’t seen it yet. The free ebook there is a good place to start.