CSCS, Construction Skills Certification Scheme

Hi have a few mind maps now, and want to learn CSCS for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, anyone have any ideas how to learn them.

Please, layout the kind of information you would need to learn about CSCS. Examples are better.

thats really hard as there are 500 questions, but here is an example …Which of these is not your legal duty as a worker?

Give one answer
To look after the health and safety of anyone else who might be affected by your work
Not to interfere with anything provided for health and safety
To look after your own health and safety
To write your own risk assessments

Very recently I converted one mindmap into a palace by just following mindmap clockwise direction. My mindmap was combination of images and text.

What I like is despite i encoded the info with images different from the images used in the mindmap.when I go through the palace, I remember the things covered in the mindmap , and the images used in the mindmap pop up in my head too. but to be honest I mostly focus on the images I placed in the palace.and treat the popping up images as secondary aid.

Then what’s the material of study?

Your solution of using mnemonics is as simple as implementing the method of loci. Lots, will say it’s too much for such a technique, but I say you should just be smart into what you memorize mnemonically and what not.

If you understand how to memorize your understanding of concepts, or simply text, then you’re good to go.