Creating memory palaces using the Art of Memory Software and video games

At first, I was struggling a bit with finding good images for the journeys on the Art of Memory Software. It took me a lot of time to search the images and use them efficiently to make a good journey.

Now I have found a way to make journeys quite quickly:

I use

  • Playstation 4
  • Game where you can move in a 3D-space (for example GTA V)
  • USB-Stick

The PS4 has a function to make quick screenshots when playing (the quality is good enough to use in the AOM Software). So I do that when I walk around a building in the game. I then copy these screenshots on a UBS-Stick and upload the images to the AOM Software and create the journey. These journeys work better for me since I have been in the 3D-space when playing the game. That’s the one thing I struggled most with pictures from the internet: I was not in that space, I could not look around, I didn’t get that “3D-feeling”.

I have shared one journey publicly on the software (called “GTA V - Power Station”). I’m wondering if this journey works for other people, who have not been able to walk through the space and only see the pictures. Your feedback on that is welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m going to be making more journeys in the way I just described. My goal is to have 10 new journeys (each with at least 26 loci) within a month. If anyone has found an even better way to make journeys on the AOM software, please let me know. :smiley:


Videogame areas (imho) make great memory palaces!
Personally, I prefer to use videogames that have some kind of necessary spatial sequence to their levels, rather than a wide open free space (like a virtual city). Whenever I do use a very spacious area, I break it down to smaller areas.

What’s more, navigating through gameplay rather than just seeing pictures of the journey helps store the spatial information of the place much better for me as well. It might have something to do with the way our brains perceive environment; the more details there are (colors, different shapes, different size and proximity of objects- depth, etc.) the more our brains are involved in creative imagery and recall, and the more time we move in a certain environment (repetition of spatial info) the more efficient we get at bringing the memorized data to our mind. ‘Familiarity’ is a key word when it comes to our brain filters.

Still, keeping track of the journeys using the software is a great idea for one who uses a lot of memory palaces/journeys and wants to store 'em somewhere with concrete confidence…

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I have always thought of the idea of using video games as potential palaces, however, there has been one hindrance for me in actually doing that…I haven’t really played much video games lol. So I’m curious to know what all games do you feel are useful in making memorable loci? (You can list as many as you like, and also suggest which one I start with :P)

Here are some games that I used to make journeys (not only with the AOM software, but in general):

  • GTA V
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (I used the campaign missions to memorize the most important articles of the Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (some of the multiplayer maps I use as my daily memory palaces for unimportant stuff, shopping lists, contracts at work that I want to forget after a short period of time)
  • Fallout 4
  • Project Cars (racing game: I used some race tracks to memorize some specific parts of the Swiss Civil Code)

But I think any game where you can move around in a 3D-space with a first-person perspective will work. You should choose a game for yourself because different people like different video games :smiley:

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Thank you for your suggestions! Creating loci seems to be a good excuse to start playing video games :wink:

You can also take photos with your camera phone and use them in journeys. When using the software on your phone, the Choose File button on the Add Photos page should give you the choice to use your phone’s camera to take a photo.

You’ll need an internet connection to upload the photo - if you aren’t online when you’re out and about creating journeys, you could just take regular photos with your phone and upload them to the software when you’re connected.

Thanks for the tip, Simon. I haven’t really considered using the software directly on my phone. That’s definitely a nice option too.

These journeys are great. I will share something with ya too, my cards journeys are inside a game i used to enjoy alot. Perfect world, the game has a 3D feeling to it, and since i have had great times when i played it and since i played it also for years i am able to navigate through a lot of these places.
Since you enjoy playing it or at least have played it for some time you are more able to navigate the places.

What i suggest, if others want to use these journeys also, is to go through each of these journey places and record it all. In total it might be a 5-30min video on a couple of hundreds of places. BUT here comes the most important and interesting part; you don’t need to see everything, you just want the experience of going through the places. So speed up the video by like x4-10 and at each loci place have like normal speed could give a great experience. Another thing on each loci place is that you can create an “effect” on each of those journey places that you are going to use, such as using a memo image there or just fireworks or bunch of flowers or whatever. something.

Another thing i want to add is, the more you use your visualization ability, not only for MemoSports event but learning things you start to get it easier to create journeys out of more things. I have tried out to make “Associations”, Basically very few locis inside the 2D Gameboy Game Zelda: the Minish Cap. It works since it is something familiar, but i prefer 3D games and real places.
Just wanted to add, i saw a project on creating Memoplaces/journys which you use with a Virtual helmet.

Can anyone who has a rather long journey, say 60+ locations, make it public? Doesn’t matter which. I’ve paid for the software, but not used it yet, as there are no suitable journeys that are long enough.

I shared one with 65 loci. “Far Cry 5 - Clagett Boathouse”.
I have to admit, it’s not the best journey. But I use it to memorize everyday things. Maybe you can use it too :smiley: