Creating Memory Palaces daily

Hello Ayesh,
You would need to google this yourself. I use MatterPort on my laptop computer. I don’t use it on the cellphone. Would be kind of small wouldn’t it? Why not use a computer for this?

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We are going to have an open Memory Palace Talk meeting at 10:00AM CST today. Here is the link. All are welcome.

you can use google map. But for me, you should try if possible to walk around so that you will remember it easier. From my house up to the market I always go to, it took me a week to make a memory palace out of it.
if you’re using 1 image 1 location, just add 3 locations a day.just start a little so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

Hello Memory Fans,

Anybody up for an Open Meeting today at 10:00AM Central Standard Time?

Here is the link.

Good Day,
It has been a busy week sorry I have been MIA. Let’s have a meeting tomorrow Saturday 5/22 at 9:00AM Central Standard Time. It is an open meeting for any discussion regarding Memory Place and memorizing techniques. All are welcome.

Here is the link.

Come on in. We are meeting right now.