Creating Memory Palaces daily

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create a memory palace every day? I already did my house and since I don’t really go out…even before lockdown- I’m having trouble
I would like advise please.


Repeating same MP could be good exercise but not suggested in the beginning. Instead,
You could try to remember paths way for your market place, friend house, historical monuments where you could visit last month or year. It will not only help you to give memory aid but exercise of the brain. You could also take the places of your favorite movie and Video games, I am sure some location are easy to recall.
Hope these tips help you some way.
Enjoy memory techniques.


Google Maps…


Thank you, I have an idea. What if I start using google maps if I run out of ideas and use stores and have 4 loci to start with and then build from there. Do you recommend creating imaginary things if the items are too repetitive?

What about a palace outside buildings or say an ancient place with only repetitive boulders?

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I assume you know the answer to that one… you even said

Now, it doesn’t really matter what I recommend… what matters is “does this approach work for you?” That said, have a look here to get an idea of what I mean by Google Maps.


Hello! I would suggest checking virtual tours of houses/museums. Many museums provide virtual tours, and many real estate agencies provide virtual tours for the houses. I find them effectives becauses you can find many items within a single room. Different items means different locis. Check the location as many times as possible until you fully memorize it and be able to recall every corner with every item.
I hope this helps


If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a virtual memory palaces page.

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I got the same problem. I don’t go out that often anymore and i used to think that thia is an disadvantage and stuff like “should i meet new people befriend them, so that i could go in their homes” xd

Some Tipps from me:

Real life:

  1. Go out for dinner or anytime you’re hungry. Someplace like a restaurant can be a great mind palace.

  2. Go for a walk or run. Fresh air and movement is an incredible combination for your brain. Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough, use the journal method for that.


  1. Make mind palaces out of video games. Games like House Flipper or the Sims are perfect for that but also story based games are a good idea.

  2. Use Home designing softwares like Home Designer 3. It’s great you can make mind palaces how you want them and with as many rooms you want them. Also you can always expand these mind palaces easily.

  3. Google Maps. I never used it myself but i think the possibilities to be in buildings that you normally wouldn’t even see from the outside, is a great thing. I am not so sure about using Google maps for a journal.

Hope i could help you.

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Try Matterport. Beautiful well populated visually stunning locations that you can navigate at will to build a virtual palace. Here are a couple I am using recently to try to get some variety in my locations. The houses on this website are so luxurious and exotic and filled with all sorts of memorable items.


Virtual location are also great option to add on MPs. thank you for sharing.

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Watch movies where characters travel to places and not make them overlapping.
E.g. did for the movie Sherlock Holmes game of shadows and created a 20 loci journey.

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wow its so cool

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Before lockdown where did you go outside your house? There are probably dozens of real locations that you already know well enough to use.

Work, school, coffee shops, stores, friends’ houses, relatives houses.

I’d never seen that site before. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.

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These matterport locations are fantastic. My only is that these locations will be removed from the site in the future? Or are these long-term?

If long-term, then I will be utilising these immediately!

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Who knows the future? I capture my journeys using Zoom for future reference. There is a chance they could vanish, but once you have memorized information in these places, you should be able to recall them as good as any random coffee shop you visited 1 time. Still draw them out and document them. I put all my locations and imagery in an excel spread sheet for future reference.

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Thank you for the help. Wait…Zoom?. Isn’t that the app for online meetings?

Zoom for meetings and Loom for recording journeys. Yes. I should have said Loom.

Are there any alternatives to this?

Waiting for an Android version of Matter port. :expressionless: