Creating memories : a natural combination of a real and an artificial palace

I am discovering something regarding the AP(artificial palace)

Without realising it, I have been using artificial palaces for years.

I am currently refilling old palaces and I am running into pieces that are completely imagined, without me realising it when I was filling them. Also, to my great surprise, I actually took these created locations as being real ones Id actually lived and seen.

So I was literally creating memories as I went. Not artificial palaces, actual memories. I have been fact checking with photos and people.

I guess I am so absorbed by the effort and fun it is to fill a palace I just couldnt realize it. Basically, everytime I happened to stumble upon a room that I didnt quite remember, or sometimes even a whole house!, Id subconsciously use pieces of other familiar places or of places I cant even identify?? Still discovering how…

Anybody else have lived this or something similar?

This realisation is another of a series of realizations bringing me closer to using both real and imagined locations simultaneously, harmoniously and for the first time, consciously.

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What I’ve done sometimes, is “optimize” locations if they didn’t quite fit the information (break out some walls if they were blocking my way, set walls where I needed one). Also, if I have a long journey with lots of unmemorable streets or something similar, several kilometers sometimes appear to be just a few hundered meters. Some things just optimize themselves automatically. I can’t really tell you why, but it seems to work :smiley:

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Thats great, and I think I do that to on my journeys. Have you been doing this subconsciously? I am just realising all the weird stuff my imagination has imposed to my locations for them to work better.

Mostly subconsciously (apart from the removal of walls which I did with purpose). Usually I only realise small changes if I visit the place again.

The funny thing is, I have used one specific journey for both images and words on memory league, after a while I noticed that the journey started to look different in the two disciplines. When I used it for words, the locations seemed a bit farther apart from each other. For images I sometimes looked at some locations from a different angle. This all happened subconsciously and I only noticed it when I used the journey for words and images immediately after each other. My memory seems to be better at optimizing than I ever could consciously.

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When I make my artificial palaces it is very much like this. Mine have been quite bizarre so I was quickly putting the consideration that they are indeed artificially constructed.

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Very interesting observation. One I’ve made of myself.

The brain invents memories as it remembers. It interpolates missing information. I may recall a refrigerator but didn’t look closely at the time, I may see some other refrigerator that I do know. My brain has a library of stock images and when a refrigerator is mentioned, it supplies one of those.

Remembering is a kind of retelling and reliving. When we retell or remember events there’s a strong tendency to impose a coherent narrative.

This is often considered a major weakness since it calls eyewitness testimony into account but IMO it’s an optimization that’s sometimes not appropriate. In any case, I think, it does make it easy to embellish real memories.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to try using a story as a Journey or Palace. Take, say, some legend or plot I know well and embellish it with false memories. It could be done with a song too.

There isn’t a strong natural separation between fantasy and reality in our brains. We tend to believe what we see but we tend to see what we believe.


That is a great idea and is going straight in my infinite palaces project. I will definitely try that. Thanks a lot. Ive just now planned it . it will be random words added to the next story I read. I can barely wait but it will have to.