Craziest thing you’ve memorised?

Iv known about memory techniques for a few months. Iv only really touched on memory palaces a hand full of times, however I would like to get more into this. What’s the most impressive/ craziest thing you’ve memorised?


I think for me it has to be P.I.
I’ve memorized P.I to 500 digits.
It’s probably meaningless to memorize 100s of digits of P.I, however, it is really helpful to practice your paired links with number digits.

I find that you can’t impress people by reciting 100s of digits of p.i. They get bored of you reciting it. But soon as you memorize their phone number within a matter of a few seconds, they are well impressed with it.

I’ve also memorized the following;
all my account numbers
all my passwords online and offline
my daily standard to do list.
the Key Points of my 300 pages book.
all 63 Kings & Queens (My family were well impressed by this)
my passport number, reference numbers, etc…

Initially you’ll use a lot of loci, palaces, pegs etc.
Once you have them in your memory, they then become a second nature, and you don’t need the palaces or locis anymore. They just appear naturally without the palace. All depends on how often you use the information on a daily or weekly basis.

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