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I am very tempted to pay for a course, like Ron White’s course that he offers. My question - will it be wirth the money? I realize that by scouring sites like these, I can eventually learn everything I need to know, but can anyone advise me? I don’t want to throw my money away.

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Is there anything specific that you’d like to learn? Just for daily use or for competing in memory competitions?

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Three things. My goals are remembering Names, presentation without notes, (I am a pastor) and Bible learning. In other words, to remember the main theme and flows of each Bible book.
But primarily my question is whether paying for a course is redundant and whether everything I need to learn can be found here and on the wiki Pages?


You can’t go wrong with Ron White courses if you are a beginner. He is well known with his Names system as well as others. I have downloaded all the names and the related word/image for the names when Ron gave it away for free download in the past. So I’m not sure if this is still available.

But the black belt course seems to be a little pricey. I think it’s just short of $200 for the black belt course, which I thought was not reasonable, I was tempted to buy it but changed my mind because of the price tag. So I bought his book on kindle instead, and it was very useful, but if the price is no issue for you, then go for the video course, he has a great way of teaching and has years of proven experience.

I like Ron a lot. I have learned a lot from his free videos on youtube. So you may want to check some of his free videos first. In his free videos on youtube you may find most of your answers, he also has a short free video about memorising the Bible.

Here is a link to the free video;

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Thanks, Erol. Yeah, being Canadian, that course would cost me almost $300 with the exchange rate, so I think I am going to take a pass and rely on this forum and the books.


Hi Slim,

Look…my suggestion:

Get Harry Lorayne’s Memory Power Cassette or CD set and buy Dominic Obrien’s Quantum Memory 8 cd course, on amazon (Lorayne’s CD version of his course is ONLY available via his website, the cassette course you’ll find on amazon) and pay $100 max.

2 of the best mnemonics people out there.

There you go,