Count to 1 million

(Dietmar P.) #61


The 1 is a Scotsman and the 6 is his bagpipe.

(Josh Cohen) #62

62 is Obi-wan in my system.

It’s also the number of faces on a rhombicosidodecahedron.

and a truncated icosidodecahedron:

[Images: CC licenced 1 & 2]

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #63

63 makes me think of 2^6, but 0-indexed. So if you wanted to store a non-negative integer in 6 bits, 63 would be the highest possible number you could represent.

(Josh Cohen) #64

That’s interesting. I think about 127 like that (2^7, zero-indexed) but haven’t thought about 64 or 63. :thinking:

Does someone want to take 64 and 65? :slight_smile:

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #65

Well, 64 is the number of spaces on an Arimaa board.

(Fuchsia Pseudonym) #66

Prime factors - 13 and 5 (65).

(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #67

Route 66 is a highway in the US which many people take road trips along.

(James P.) #68

67 the number of throws in judo.

In my system

P=JacK lemon
A= throwing

(Paul Camacho) #69

68 dodge charger… Best muscle car ever produced…

(Ivan Miletic) #70