Count to 1 million

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count to 1 million starting with this post

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haha I dont think it’s catching on xD


Cinqo, Pentagon. Star. Five weekdays in each week. Five o’clock shadow. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Five Finger Death Punch. Pie Five Pizza.

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VII (7)

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1000 :slight_smile:

(That’s an 8.)


Reminds me how there are 10 types of people in the World - those that understand binary and those that don’t!





will it be possible?
1 million comments in this post



wooo when I saw 1 million in thread, I had to see ! I love the crazy looking goals, they are all doable in my book !

wouldnt it be cool if we d add our own mnemo on the fly to our number ?

12 = old man at the microphone

P.S only one day left to art of memory Kickstarter and still a tiny bit short ! This is a really cool initiative !

(Fuchsia Pseudonym) #13

I have numerical synesthesia and all the teen numbers are white.

Unlucky prime # thirteen (sixth prime number).

(Josh Cohen) #14


(that’s a 14)

I like the hexadecimal version of the joke, but it takes too long to tell it… :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


me pushing my grandmother in her wheel chair( going to get some suuuun mmmmmm)


Sweet 16, Hannibal smith smoking a cigar in my system.

4 squared, fouth power of 2, atomic number of sulfur, both World Milk Day and Children’s Day fall on the first of june which is 1-6 in d-m notations, the same day as on which in 1926 Marilyn Monroe was born, accompanied by Morgan Freeman in 1937. That same day in 1960 we saw the death of Paula Hitler, sister of Adolf Hitler. In m-d notation it is the sixth of januari, on which in 1955 we saw the birth of Rowan Atkinson and witnessed the death of Theodore Roosevelt in 1919 (and many new year’s resolutions every year).

(Josh Cohen) #17

I like the idea of posting some interesting facts about the number you call out. :slight_smile:


…the sum of the first four primes: 2+3+5+7=17. Apparently, it’s also considered to be bad luck in Italy.

  1. The age you can drink and drive, but not both, unless it’s sex that’s driving you.


19 - Anaconda

(Fuchsia Pseudonym) #20

The prime factors of this number are 2, 5, and 2. If you’re this many years old, you can drink in most countries (but not the US).