Correct multiplication indeed, but very slow. How to improve?

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Hi Benjamin,
One year ago I also started mental calculation with 8*8, I thought I may catch up with the top ones without hindrances, but for 2 months my accuracy and speed didn’t improve, and sometimes I feel I get even worse.
Also I abandoned division to solely focus on multiplication, this is a hidden danger I only managed to tackle this year, and the process is filled with doubts and pains.
Later I switched to smaller digits, and everything’s getting better.

Only do big digits ones after getting extremely confident on smaller ones. That’s the most important lesson I learned at the age of 17.


Hi Flou,

My accuracy is almost fine. In 80% of cases I get the correct answer.

What I have to improve undoubtedly is my speed. And I dont know how. Thats the problem.


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I wonder when and how long do you practice now?

I practice 1 hour every day.

Maybe you could try to do more tasks at once;
Use a pomodoro clock;
Play white noises to avoid distractions;
Reduce color temperature of the monitor to avoid strain eyes;
These are the rules I follow.

Beginners benefits a lot from shortcuts, but since you are already quite an expert, maybe only practice can make you much faster.
Anyway, keep the good work Benjamin.

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Thanks Flou!

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102 seconds…there are people who do it under 20 seconds :sweat_smile:

Did you calculate this from left to right?
Or from right to left.

And one thing there are 3 zeroes so atleast they can save my time if I do this.

I calculate it from right to left.

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Hello Benjamin, I am a professional mental calculation athlete, I work as a mental calculation teacher if you like I can teach you how to improve your speed.

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