Correct atitude towards learning

I came here simply to ask what are the good attitudes someone should have towards learning in order to succeed in life. Sometimes I find myself so boring of studying I have to recur myself to strange sources of dopamine. I would like to know what is the correct mind set to succeed. I pretend to learn new words in foreign languages in a quick time but actually sometimes I have the desire to give up. I saw the post of a guy that learning about 350 words a day in German for 6 months, but I am actually very self doubted I could that. When I talk about attitude, I remember how some young females were mischievous towards learning at school and how some males were also that way and now I imagine how it will be their future with that attitude. I want to be as far as different than them, so let’s collect tips. I like something I read from an user of a messenger platform: (adapted)
"What makes a person to learn something is a set of three factors:

  1. curiosity
  2. will power
  3. humility"

Not sure what you mean by “mischievous towards learning” but they’ll probably do fine.

Can’t you just easily simplify that by saying “utility” (as in the economic concept of)

Back-of-the-envelope calculation: 35^2=1,250; add two 0s, and divide by 2 (for only half a year) and you get roughly 60k. The average German speaker has an active vocabulary of 12,000 - 16,000 words. What exactly is the point in knowing 5 times as many words as the average native speaker?


You said…

…so instead of bothering with 350 words a day times six months (i.e., half a year) just do 350 * 1 year divided by 2; however, instead of 365 for the year use 350 instead you can easily square* the 350 (number of words as well as number of days).

cf. 350*6*30=63,000 (assuming the average month is 30 days)

*I don’t know the square of 350, but I do know the square of 35; then I just add two 0s to make up for it.

Question remains:

Expressivity. By the way, I suppose you understood I want to do that by what I have written with a language, in specific, German, but I did not state that. I just used the pal example to say how my aspirations are.


Do you mean multiply?

I have to confess I felt that comment is weird. Do you have autism?

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Basic numeracy skills as an indicator for autism? Seriously?

I didn’t say 365; I said 350 times. Referring to the number of words. I also didn’t say times 12 months of 30 days each divided by 2; I said 1 year divided by 2. Now why am I doing this? We got

  • 350 words per day
  • 365 days per year
  • 6 months = 1 year / 2

and I want to know the number of words this person has learned in 6 months, so:

{{350 {words\over day}*365{days\over year}}\over 2}={\color{red}x\ words \over 6\ months}

I hope you’re still with me thus far… if not, probably more an ADHD issue on your end rather than anything to do with autism.

No, I do mean “square” because multiplying the same number (i.e., squaring) is faster than multiplying two numbers that are not the same. Given that I have 350 and 365 my options are:

  • 350^2 as my lower bound
  • 365^2 as my upper bound
  • 360^2 as more middle-ish

365 is out because both 360 and 350 allow me do drop the trailing zero for the next step. Even though 360 would be a closer estimate, I’ll go with 35 instead of 36, simply because it ends in a “5” which makes squaring super easy.

…and since I really wanted to do 350*350 and not just 35*35, I’ll add “00” to the end for 122,500 as the number of words per year. Still going for an estimate only, so make that 120k and divide that by 2 to get the number of words learned in 6 months.

{120k\over 2}=\color{red}{60k}

Now, if you know what you’re doing… you just look at the claim of roughly 350 words per day and knowing that a year is 365 days… do the left hand side of 35^2, so just 3*4=12, half it for 6, and done… add back the precision by shifting the decimal point 4 to the right for 60,000

Pretty basic high school math if you ask me…

I was wondering what was the necessity of explaining that math game. It sounds like (exaggerating): (Ignore the math because the forum algorithm ignored my multiplication symbols).
I am ADHD :sailboat:.